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Anti-extremism regulation taking shape

The legislature of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region plans to draft a regulation by 2016 to curb religious extremism. It may include a ban on wearing clothes in public linked to religious extremism such as full face and body coverings, the head of the legislature said.
Writer backs 'nation of readers' vision

Writer backs 'nation of readers' vision

Writer Chi Li rarely visits bookshops anymore and instead buys online as she believes it is difficult to find what she calls "real" books on shop shelves.

China to encourage mass entrepreneurship, innovation

China's State Council has issued opinions to instruct the public on entrepreneurship and innovation, according to an announcement on Wednesday.

Rural education imperiled by teachers' low income

Rural education is in great risk, political advisor Ma Min was told by the directors of local education bureaus during his research trip to Hubei province, China Youth Daily reported.

Lawyer wants disclosure of officials' assets

Han Deyun started his law career in 1994, the year when China began to allow private law firms to operate, after quitting his teaching job at a law university in Southwest China's Chongqing municipality.

Guangdong submits proposals to fill loopholes in prisons

Prosecutors in Guangdong province have conducted a thorough investigation of prisons and have improved their oversight to prevent prison escapes, as well as illegal paroles or commutations of sentences for convicted ex-officials or wealthy individuals, a senior officer from the Guangdong Provincial People's Procuratorate said.

County to welcome Taiwan drivers

Transport chiefs in Fujian province are seeking to encourage cross-Straits travel by permitting Taiwan-registered vehicles to be used in Pingtan county and pressing for similar arrangements for vehicles from Pingtan in Taiwan, a senior official said.

Perseverance proved vital in helping reverse injustice

Promoting rule of law is not always best left to the judiciary, at least not in the case of the wrongly-executed Hugjiltu.
Delegate recovers migrant workers' delayed salaries for free

Delegate recovers migrant workers' delayed salaries for free

"I can finally pay my son's tuition, thanks!" Deng Jiangzheng, a farmer-turned worker emotionally told lawyers who had helped him get his delayed salary.

Migrant workers' representation rises

Vegetable farmers, security guards, construction workers and foot masseurs are among more than 2,900 people reviewing the draft revision of China's Legislation Law at this year's parliamentary session.

Xinjiang eyes 'core area' of Silk Road economic belt

Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is gearing up its efforts to become a "core area" of the Silk Road Economic Belt, a senior official said Tuesday.

Deputy guards the interests of security workers

Large numbers of security guards quit their jobs every year because of low pay and a lack of training that restricts their chances of gaining promotion. Others suffer abuse and even violence from the public.

Beijing's slogan banners out of step, scholar says

Beijing's big Chinese-character slogans, seen at many intersections and subway stations, have been criticized as creating confusion about the city's international image.
Graft crackdown set to continue and intensify

Graft crackdown set to continue and intensify

The government's anti-corruption campaign has been underway for two years now, and while many support the move, others complain that the process has taken too long and hasn't gone far enough.

Pollution control should be part of officials' evaluation

The treatment of air pollution by officials should be part of their performance evaluation, and third parties should be enabled to play bigger roles in pollution control, a deputy to the National People's Congress has said.
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