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  • Return to the east

    - Return to the east
    "Return to the East" is both a period of Mongol history in China and the title of a huge painting by Lindai, a Mongol living in Xinjiang.

  • To guide the Muslims

    - To guide the Muslims
    "The role of an imam is to set an example for Muslims. If he doesn't, it is useless to be an imam," said Abdurakip during our two-hour talk.

  • Gone with the sound of a flute

    - Gone with the sound of a flute
    Eerdexi's soul has gone away with the sound of the flute but his souvenir remains among us. Thank you, refined musician!

  • History by committee

    - History by committee
    The Museum of China's Residential Committees has recently been set up in Hangzhou's Shangyangshi Community.

  • Love is all her life

    - Love is all her life
    What Dalia does better is to love her fellow humans. Her personality displays generosity, empathy, understanding, and a genuine desire to help.

  • The door of destiny

    - The door of destiny
    When Jiang'er was a child, her family came to live in Fuhai (Burultokay) in Altay Prefecture, and in 1986 returned to Manas. She remained.

  • Caps that fly

    - Caps that fly
    It is in the "tourist Burqin" that is under construction where the talkative, loudly laughing, and sturdy 76-year-old woman lives.

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