• Features
  • - Father tells how son was killed at Web addict camp
    The death of Deng Senshan at the hands of 
    "addiction counselors" has put China's Web addiction camps in the spotlight.

  • - Peaks reaching the sky
    He lives in Urumqi, close to the Xinjiang University. Sun-tanned but not excessively, Wang Tienan exudes good health. There is a reason, as we will see.

  • - Class warfare
    Finding a good kindergarten is a testing time for any Chinese parent who wants to guarantee their children a good preschool education.

  • - In the heart of embroidery
    Belonging to the sixth generation of embroiderers, Ajiahan has become a symbol of this art. She learned embroidery at the age of 13.

  • - Grandmother Melon
    Wu Mingzhu is a small woman who doesn't show her 77 years. She moves with short, quick steps and speaks with a modulated voice of contained passion.

  • - Cooking, nothing else
    Born in Hotan on March 17, 1951, Tursun, the eldest of 12 children, claimed he was influenced by his father, and started to cook at the age of 12.

  • - Falun Gong practitioners back to normal life
    Ten years after the ban, about 98 percent of Falun Gong practitioners have come back to normal life.

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