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  • - We are compeers
    Bahetiehan confirmed that the rate of compulsory education is always 100 percent, and that this occurred not only in his township but everywhere in Xinjiang.

  • - Bows and arrows
    In Xinjiang, peole of Xibe ethnic group total only 33,000, but their culture still flourishes.

  • - Commuters switch on to electric power
    China, the world's bicycle kingdom - one for every three inhabitants - is going electric.

  • - The hide and soul of a wild horse
    "It has been raining for eight hours. The ground is like a sponge and the horses are filthy," warned Zhang Hefan over the phone.

  • - A life for a treasure
    Zhou Ji has completely integrated into the Uyghur culture. He even ended up resembling the men of this ethnic group and, like most of them, wears the beard.

  • - Lead poisoning highlights development dilemma
    Madaokou villagers demand the closure of a smelter blamed for poisoning 615 children in Shaanxi Province.

  • - Self-taught and humanist
    In 1966, Liu Yulian, then 17 years old, arrived from Gansu with her father to settle in Erpu, a village of the Kumul Prefecture.

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