'Beijing in the Eyes of Foreigners' Photo Contest
In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the Beijing People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries is joining with other governmental departments to host "Beijing in the Eyes of Foreigners," a photo contest featuring works from foreign photographers working in China or other parts of the world.
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- Yang Xianyi receives Lifetime Achievement Award in Translation
- Asian countries seeking ways for cultural development
- Lawyers apply for injunction to stop sale of stolen relics
- A sentimental journey
- China and India getting closer, building understanding
- 100,000 year old fossil skulls found in Henan
On Stage
- Ballet Stars to highlight Grand National Theater
- Old operas and young hearts
- Cats conquer Beijing Exhibition Theater
- Amber set for rerun
- Jose Carreras to hold concert in Beijing
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- Flowers greet Shanghai World Expo
- 'Beauty of Qinghai' exhibition attracts HK visitors
- Chinese relics set for debut exhibition in Africa
- Get closer look at Dali's thinking, iconography in Turkey
- When Marilyn Monroe meets Chinese master
- Beijing Confucius temple holds 1st contemporary art exhibition
Yue Meiti: Passing on Kunqu Tradition to New Generation
Blessed with a dazzling androgynous beauty, Yue Meiti --probably the most influential "female Adam" in the history of Kunqu -- portrayed young male scholars as handsome as they are cultured and refined.
Layout of Kublai Khan's capital sketched out Layout of Kublai Khan's capital sketched out
Chinese archaeologists said that they have sketched out the layout of the first capital of Kublai Khan's empire.
- Part of Jin Dynasty Great Wall damaged in NE China
- 619 cultural relics sites discovered in Guangdong
- Ancient tomb group discovered in Guangzhou
Culture Eternal
International Forum on the Daodejing
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Experience China in South Africa
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Zheng He: 600 Years On
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Three Gorges: Journey Through Time
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Famous Bells in China
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Heritages Preservation in China
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Historical Wonders of Sanxingdui
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Beijing's Museums & Galleries
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View of a Life in China
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Ancient Tombs and Mausoleums
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- Foreign artists still welcome despite Bjork incident
Icelandic singer Bjork's offending support to "Tibet independence" at a Shanghai concert earlier this month won't affect China's policy on inviting foreign artists to come and perform in the country, a senior cultural official said at a press conference in Beijing on Thursday.
- Learn Chinese calligraphy and painting
A Chinese calligraphy and brush painting program was designed for the students in the dual language program of Glenwood Elementary School, USA.
- The Fourth Brother Visits His Mother
- Madame White Snake
- The Red Maid
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