Decision of the CCCPC on Some Major Issues Concerning Comprehensively Deepening the Reform

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十三、创新社会治理体制 XIII. Making Innovations in Social Governance System
创新社会治理,必须着眼于维护最广大人民根本利益,最大限度增加和谐因素,增强社会发展活力,提高社会治理水平,全面推进平安中国建设,维护国家安全,确保人民安居乐业、社会安定有序。 To make innovations in social governance, we must direct our primary attention to safeguarding the fundamental interests of the broadest masses of the people, increase the factors of harmony to the maximum, invigorate social development and improve the social governance level, comprehensively promote the building of "China of law and order," safeguard national security, ensure that the people live and work in peace and contentment, and that the society is stable and orderly.
(47)改进社会治理方式。坚持系统治理,加强党委领导,发挥政府主导作用,鼓励和支持社会各方面参与,实现政府治理和社会自我调节、居民自治良性互动。坚持依法治理,加强法治保障,运用法治思维和法治方式化解社会矛盾。坚持综合治理,强化道德约束,规范社会行为,调节利益关系,协调社会关系,解决社会问题。坚持源头治理,标本兼治、重在治本,以网格化管理、社会化服务为方向,健全基层综合服务管理平台,及时反映和协调人民群众各方面各层次利益诉求。 47. Improving methods of social governance. We will persist in implementing system governance, strengthen leadership by the Party committee, give full play to the leading role of the government and encourage and support the participation of all sectors of the society, so as to achieve positive interaction between the government management on the one hand and social self-management and residents' self-management on the other. We will adhere to governance in accordance with the law, strengthen the legal guarantees, and resolve social conflicts in line with the thought and approaches of the rule of law. We will persist in adopting a holistic approach in this work, strengthen moral restraint, discipline social behavior, adjust interest relationships, coordinate social relationships and solve social problems. We will persist in governing from the source, dealing with both the symptoms and root causes with the focus on the root causes, taking networked management and socialized service as our direction, improving grass-roots level comprehensive service platforms, reflecting and coordinating in a timely manner the interests and appeals of the people from all walks of life and at all levels.
(48)激发社会组织活力。正确处理政府和社会关系,加快实施政社分开,推进社会组织明确权责、依法自治、发挥作用。适合由社会组织提供的公共服务和解决的事项,交由社会组织承担。支持和发展志愿服务组织。限期实现行业协会商会与行政机关真正脱钩,重点培育和优先发展行业协会商会类、科技类、公益慈善类、城乡社区服务类社会组织,成立时直接依法申请登记。加强对社会组织和在华境外非政府组织的管理,引导它们依法开展活动。 48. Kindling the vigor of social organizations. We will correctly handle the relationship between the government and society, intensify efforts to separate government administration and social organizations, encourage the social organizations to clarify their rights and obligations, and enforce self-management and play their role in accordance with the law. Social organizations should be commissioned to provide public services that they are apt to supply and tackle matters that they are able to tackle. We will support and develop volunteer service organizations. We will achieve a true disconnection of trade associations and chambers of commerce from administrative departments, prioritize fostering and development of such social organizations as trade associations and chambers of commerce, scientific and technological associations, charity and philanthropic organizations, and urban and rural community service organizations. These organizations can directly apply for registration in accordance with the law when they are established. We will strengthen the management of social organizations and foreign NGOs in China, and guide them to carry out their activities in accordance with the law.
(49)创新有效预防和化解社会矛盾体制。健全重大决策社会稳定风险评估机制。建立畅通有序的诉求表达、心理干预、矛盾调处、权益保障机制,使群众问题能反映、矛盾能化解、权益有保障。 49. Innovating systems that can effectively prevent and solve social conflicts. We will improve social stability risk assessment mechanism for major policy decisions. We will establish an open and orderly mechanism under which people can express their grievances, psychological intervention is conducted, conflicts are mediated and rights and interests are guaranteed, so as to ensure that the problems of the people can be reported, conflicts can be resolved and the people's rights and interests can be guaranteed.
改革行政复议体制,健全行政复议案件审理机制,纠正违法或不当行政行为。完善人民调解、行政调解、司法调解联动工作体系,建立调处化解矛盾纠纷综合机制。 We will reform the administrative review system, improve the mechanism for administrative review cases, and correct unlawful or improper administrative acts. We will improve the system under which mediation by the people, by an administrative organ and by a judicial organ functions jointly, and establish a comprehensive mechanism to mediate and resolve conflicts and disputes.
改革信访工作制度,实行网上受理信访制度,健全及时就地解决群众合理诉求机制。把涉法涉诉信访纳入法治轨道解决,建立涉法涉诉信访依法终结制度。 We will reform the system for handling complaints in the form of letters and visits, implement an online system for handling complaints in the form of letters and visits, and improve the mechanism to resolve the people's appeals on the spot and in a timely manner. We will settle complaints in the form of letters and visits that involve law violations and law suits by judicial means. We will establish the system for the conclusion of complaints in the form of letters and visits involving law violations and law suits in accordance with the law.
(50)健全公共安全体系。完善统一权威的食品药品安全监管机构,建立最严格的覆盖全过程的监管制度,建立食品原产地可追溯制度和质量标识制度,保障食品药品安全。深化安全生产管理体制改革,建立隐患排查治理体系和安全预防控制体系,遏制重特大安全事故。健全防灾减灾救灾体制。加强社会治安综合治理,创新立体化社会治安防控体系,依法严密防范和惩治各类违法犯罪活动。 50. Improving the public security system. We will improve unified, authoritative food and drug safety oversight organizations, establish the strictest supervision rules that cover the entire process, establish a food production origin tracing system and quality labeling system to guarantee food and drug safety. We will deepen the reform of production safety management system, establish a potential danger inspection and management system and a safety prevention and control system to contain the occurrence of major accidents. We will improve the disaster prevention, reduction and relief system. We will strengthen comprehensive measures for public security, introduce multi-tiered prevention and control system for public security, and strictly guard against and punish all sorts of unlawful and criminal activities in accordance with the law.
坚持积极利用、科学发展、依法管理、确保安全的方针,加大依法管理网络力度,加快完善互联网管理领导体制,确保国家网络和信息安全。 Adhering to the principles of active utilization, scientific development, law-based management and ensured safety, we will strengthen management of the Internet in accordance with the law, accelerate the improvement of leadership system for Internet management, and guarantee the country's Internet and information safety.
设立国家安全委员会,完善国家安全体制和国家安全战略,确保国家安全。 We will establish the Council of State Security and improve the national security system and strategies to guarantee the country's national security.

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