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· What is the legislative process of the National People's Congress?
· What is the legislative process of the NPC Standing Committee?
· What role does the People's Congress system play in the life of the people of China?
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· How did the CPPCC get its name?
· What is the CPPCC's composition?
· What are the primary functions of the CPPCC?
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Harmonious Society
  Document of CPC on Governance Capability Issued
  Scholar Explores Harmonious Society Concept
- Fiscal Policy to Help Build Harmony
- NGOs to Gain Greater Influence
- Expansion of Medium-income Earners Crucial to Social Harmony
- NPC Deputy Proposes Inking 'Harmonious Society' in Constitution
- China to Assuage Discontent, Building Harmonious Society
- Wen Reiterates Longing for Harmonious Society
- Experts Discuss a Harmonious Society
- Scholar Explores Harmonious Society Concept
- Better Handling of Petitions to Build Harmonious Society
- Senior Party Official Calls for Better Governance in Building Harmonious Society
- Hu Asks Officials to Improve Social Understanding
- Hu: Building Harmonious Society Top on Agenda
- Premier Vows to Build Harmonious Society

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