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Latest Updates
- 40-year 7% Annual Growth Needed to Meet Well-off Target
- Chinese Lawmakers Lash out at Internet Vices
- Premier: China Never Allows or Fears Foreign Interference
- Premier: China Will Continue to Boost Capital Market
- China to Carry Forward Rural Reform, Development
- Chinese Premier to Visit India Soon
- Premier: China Not to Abolish Death Penalty
- High-level Visits Between China, Japan Urged
- Tung's Contributions to Hong Kong to Be Remembered
- China to Tighten Trade, Economic Ties with Russia
- Premier Vows to 'Fight Nut-cracking Battle' in Reform
- Premier: China Working on Plan for More Flexible Exchange Rate
- Premier: Anti-Secession Law to Advance Cross-Straits Ties
- Farmers' Autonomy to Manage Their Land Never Changes
- Premier: China Has No Letup in Macro-control Efforts
- Top Legislature Closes Annual Session
- Top Legislature Adopts Anti-Secession Law
- China Adds Four New Members to Top Military Commission
- Presidential Order Issued to Promulgate Anti-Secession Law
- Full Text of Anti-Secession Law
- NPC Approves Government Work Report
- NPC Law Committee's Report on Result of Deliberation of Draft Anti-Secession Law
- Three Are Elected to NPC Standing Committee
- Overseas Chinese, Foreign Media Hail Anti-Secession Law
- Tung Chee Hwa Elected CPPCC Vice Chairman
- Hu Jintao Elected Chairman of State Central Military Commission
- CPPCC Vows to Serve People's Fundamental Interests
- Donald Tsang Assumes Duties of HK Chief Executive
- Political Parties Find their Feet at Grassroots
- Tung Feels Honored for Being Elected Vice Chairman of CPPCC
- Political Advisors Show Wide-ranging Interests in Development Issues
- Premier Wen Signs Decree to Approve Tung's Resignation
- China's Top Advisory Body Concludes Annual Session
- CPPCC Members Endorse Anti-Secession Law
- CPPCC Selects Vice Chairmans
- CPPCC Annual Session Holds Closing Meeting
- Xinjiang, A Natural Reserve Bonanza
- Expert Hearings Give Voice, Solve Problems
- Policy Devil's in the Detail
- Regulations on AIDS Prevention and Control Drafted
- Nation Needs Law to Prevent Cloning Misuse
- Mainland Refutes Taiwan Separatists' Attacks on Anti-Secession Law
- Supervision on Government Budget to Beef Up
- Two Leading Steel Companies in NE China to Merge
- Resettlement Goes Smoothly for Three Gorges Project
- CPPCC Advisor Questions New CCTV Office Building
- China's Electric Power Supply to Remain Tight in 2005
- Energy-efficient, Land-saving Houses Put on Government Agenda
- Senior Party Leaders Discuss Anti-corruption with Lawmakers
- Fiscal Policy to Help Build Harmony
- Gov't Watchdogs Bare Sharp Teeth
- Local Govts Warned Against 'Hot Money'
- NPC to Deliberate List of Nominee for Chairman of State CMC
- NPC Ready to Deliberate, Approve 2005 Budget
- NPC Special Committee Adopts Cabinet Development Plan
- Jia Calls for Successful Legislation Against Taiwan's Secession
- Draft Anti-Secession Law Revised on Proposals of NPC Deputies
- State Council Revises Government Work Report
- China Vows Boosting Rural Economy
- Premier Pushes Shanxi on Coal Supply, Safety
- NGOs to Gain Greater Influence
- Progress Made in Cross-Straits Agricultural Cooperation
- Fujian Deputies Discuss Anti-Secession Law
- Major Grain-producing Counties to Be Rewarded
- Govt Urged to Play Greater Roles to Curb Housing Price
- Banking Reform to Continue
- 45% Agricultural Production Comes from Agroscience
- Company Taxes on Road to Unification
- Official Accountability Needs Clarification
- Ethnic Minority CPPCC Members Panel
- China Pursues Peace, But Not at Any Price
- 2,505 Suspects Arrested for Producing, Selling Fake Products
- 11 High-ranking Officials Investigated for Corruption in 2004
- 1,595 People Prosecuted on Human Rights Abuses
- China Prosecutes 30,788 Government Officials in 2004
- 20,425 Suspects for Economic Crimes Arrested in 2004
- 811,102 Criminal Suspects Arrested in 2004
- Law-enforcement Inspection to Be Strengthened
- Xiao Yang Pledges to Improve Death Penalty Review Process
- Chinese Courts Report Increasing Number of Petitions in 2004
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