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- 'Beauty Economy' Questioned
- Govt Urged to Finance Rural Teachers' Paychecks
- Legislator Appeals for 12-year Compulsory Education Program
- School Education Should Highlight Safety, Lawmaker
- Deputy Urges Law to Protect Minor Netizens
- Retailing Business Needs Policy Support: NPC Deputy
- NPC Deputy Proposes Law on World Heritage Protection
- Emergency Action Urged to Keep Red Fire Ants off Beijing
- Lawmaker Proposes Legislation Against Exam Fraud
- Local Government Debts Detrimental to State Treasury
- Nation Needs Law to Prevent Cloning Misuse
- Supervision on Government Budget to Beef Up
- Legislator Proposes Adding Assault on Police As An Offence
- Spending on Corporate R&D Alarmingly Low
- Local Govts Warned Against 'Hot Money'
- NPC Deputies Appeal for Sterner Penalty for Fake Goods Makers, Sellers
- Advisors Call for Relocation of Govt Offices to Beijing Suburbs
- Legislator Urges Law to Protect Yellow River
- Advisor Says Mothers Needs Learning to Play Their Due Role
- Medicare System Called to Cover All by 2010
- Fresh Efforts Urged to Protect Women's Interests
- More Measures Urged to Improve Coal Mine Work Safety
- 'Two-kids' Policy for China Proposed
- Legislator Urges Formulation of Law to Protect Oil Resources
- Regulation on Great Wall Potection to Be Promulgated
- Special Legislation for 2008 Olympic Games Urged
- Govt Urged to Play Greater Roles to Curb Housing Price
- Talent Drain Hurts Children in the West
- Education Void Expands Wealth Gap
- NGO, An Irreplaceable Force in Harmony-prone Drive
- Medical Sector in Dire Need of Changes
- Advisor Urges to Meet Youths' Cultural Needs
- Expansion of Medium-income Earners Crucial to Social Harmony
- Adviser Warns Against 'Blind Modernization' of Medicine
- Enterprises Should Serve as New Cradles for Sci-tech Innovation
- Better Charity Laws, Incentives Needed
- 60th Anniversary Ceremonies for Victory Against Japan Proposed
- Official Accountability Needs Clarification
- Advisor Says Preservation of Yangtze River Ecosystem 'Critical'
- Advisor Urges Recruiting HK Volunteers for Beijing Olympic Games
- Railways Urged to Abandon Price Hikes During Holidays
- Intensified Protection of Indigenous Brands Urged
- Chinese 'Thanksgiving Day' Proposed to Boost Interpersonal Harmony
- Lawmaker Calls for Special Rehabilitation Centers for Drug Addicts with AIDS
- More Time for School Children to Exercise Urged
- Rural Environment Needs Protection
- NPC Deputy Proposes Inking 'Harmonious Society' in Constitution
- Odds Against Proposed Gambling Law
- Deputy Proposes Memorial Day for Martyrs
- Calls to Hasten Mental Health Law
- Wage Withholders Should Be Punished
- New Industrialization Ahead for Xinjiang
- Advisors Urge Control of Gov't Car Spending
- Energy Bottleneck Urges Officials to Double Check Costs
- Most of Chinese Mines Menaced by Resource Exhaustion
- Health Ministry Plans to Ban Medical Advertisements
- Draft of Anti-monopoly Law in Progress
- China's Growth Mode Should Be Adjusted
- Advisor Warns Against Huge Losses of State Assets
- Lawmakers Call on Gov't to Heed Widening Gap Between East, West
- Economic Zone Facing Taiwan Proposed
- Support for Heartland's Development Proposed
- Deputy Calls for Anti-corruption Law
- Advisor Urges New Round of Government Streamlining
- More Public Holidays Suggested to Sustain Tradition
- NPC Deputy Urges Personnel Training for Beijing Olympic Games
- Geneticist Urges Law to Regulate Use of Test-tube Technology
- Proposal to End Green Funding Shortfalls
- Tarim River Ecological Protection Suggested
- Calls to Clean Up Medical Advertising
- Lawmaker Urges Legislation to Curb Rampant Privacy Infringement
- CPPCC Member Appeals for Building Tsunami Early Warning System
- CPPCC Member Proposes Law Banning Cheating in Entertainment Performance
- Ninety-nine Percent Democracy Implemented: Spotlights
- Communities Urged to Protect Women from Domestic Violence
- Women to Get Protection from Harassment
- NPC Deputies Concerned About Contaminated Drinking Water
- CPPCC Member Calls for Law to Protect Servicemen
- NPC Proposed to Approve National Defense Budget
- Legislator Calls for Equal Tax Treatment

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