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Latest Updates

- Election Law for Farmers to be Revised
- NPC Endorses Five-Year Economic and Social Plans
- Environmental Pollution Major Problem in China's Development
- Strong China-India Relations to Usher in True Asian Century
- China Pursues Self-defense Policy
- Focus of Education Must Be Oriented Toward General Public
- Some Local Governments Infringe on People's Rights
- No More Unexpected Changes of RMB Exchange Rate
- State Must Take Dominant Share in State-owned Banks Reform
- Premier Stresses Role of Trade Unions
- Five More Cities to Be Open for HK Individual Traveling
- China's Management of Internet Conforms to Int'l Practice
- Economic Development Conducive to HK's Democratic Construction
- Sino-Japanese Relations Hard to Develop If Shrine Issue Not Resolved
- Mainland Ready for Cross-Straits Talks Under One-China Principle
- Premier Vows Never to Back Away in Resolving Problems
- Premier Stresses Building New Socialist Countryside
- Mainland Keeps Close Watch over Situation in Taiwan
- China to Push Forward Reform, Opening-up
- NPC Endorses Major Economic Policy Changes
- Advisory Body Endorses Development Plan
- Shanghai-Hangzhou Maglev Railway, Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway Approved by State Council
- A Pledge to Protect China's Golden Waterway
- China Seeks Growth Impetus from Technological Innovation
- Legislation Called for Wetland Protection
- Lawmakers Submit 1,006 Motions
- CPPCC Concludes Its Fourth Session
- Farmers Yearn for Environment-friendly Countryside
- Rural Elections Undermined by Bribery
- Organ Transplant Regulation Drafted
- CPPCC Plays Important Public Interest Role
- Conservation of Resources a Key Priority
- Top Judge Rules out Abolition of Death Penalty
- Lawmakers More Open to Outside World
- China Blacklists Bribers
- Three Gorges Reservoir Possibly New Source for Water Diversion Project
- Procuratorates to Audiotape, Videotape Interrogation Process
- Spring Thawing Not to Cause Second Pollution of Songhua River
- Steps Taken to Prevent Wronged Punishment
- Chinese Top Prosecutor Reports Effort Against Corruption
- Complaints Against Chinese Judiciary Take Down Turn
- China Reforms Death Penalty Trials in 2006: Top Judge
- Compulsory Education -- Government's Obligation
- Political Advisors Call for Rescue of Shrinking Lakes
- Training Boost for Landless Farmers
- Advisor Demands Oil Giants Cut Exports for Domestic Supply
- Senior Chinese Leaders Join Lawmakers' Panel Discussions
- Chinese Lawmakers, Advisors Condemn Japanese FM's Remarks
- Media Presence Aids Transparency of NPC Session
- Lhasa Prepares Itself for Qinghai-Tibet Railway
- Oil City Mulls Restructuring Amid Capacity Expansion
- NPC Ready to Adopt Five-Year Guidelines
- 40-year 7% Annual Growth Needed to Meet Well-off Target
- NGOs Should Play Bigger Role in China
- Ban Medical Ads to Protect Public Health
- Little Education Opportunity Provided to the Handicapped
- Village Doctor's Suggestion Included in Gov't Work Report
- China to Improve Medical Care System for Farmers
- NPC, CPPCC Sessions Attract World Attention
- Administrative Ability Enhanced to Safeguard Policy Enforcement
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