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- Legal Protection of Commercial Secrets Necessary
- Proposal Addresses Hainan's Heritage
- Laws Urged to Protect Citizens Overseas
- Fingerprint Database Proposed
- Legislation Expected to Help Create More Jobs
- Protection 'Needed' for Migrant Workers
- Right to Environmental Information Should Be Written into Constitution
- Deputy Proposes Raising Conscription Age to Cover College Graduates
- NPC Deputy Calls for Legislation to Protect Yangtze River
- Legislation Called for Wetland Protection
- Nationwide Ban Urged on Wining of Civil Servants on Duty
- Farmers Still Need Clean Drinking Water
- Lawmakers Call for Updating Labor Law for Migrant Workers
- Adding Portraits of Dr. Sun, Deng Xiaoping to RMB Notes Proposed
- Govt Urged to Curb Mushroom Bridges over Yangtze River
- Effective Regulations Needed in Marine Industry: Advisor
- Political Advisors Call for Protection of Grand Canal
- Better Management of $800 Bln Forex Reserves Urged
- Chinese Should Learn More About Nutrition
- Effective Regulations Needed in Marine Industry
- Different Color Plate May Help Curb Private Use of Public Cars
- Development of China's Marine Industry Needs Effective Regulations
- Make Intentional Spread of AIDS a Crime: Lawmaker
- 'Year of Reading' to Promote Reading
- China Proposes Construction of 2nd West-east Gas Pipeline
- Chinese Lawmaker Demands Equal Death Compensation
- Political Advisor Urges Teaching Farmers Surfing Internet
- Youngsters Urged to Taste Life Abroad as Volunteers
- NPC Deputy Proposes CPC's 'Birthday' to Be 'Golden Week' Holiday
- NGOs Should Play Bigger Role in China
- Political Advisory System Can Help China Avoid 'Color Revolution'
- Clean, Competent Village Cadres Key to Building of New Countryside
- Government Spokesmen's Nonperformance Criticized
- Ban Medical Ads to Protect Public Health
- IPR Appeals Court in the Pipeline
- Reviving China's Football by Strict Management, Supervision
- NPC Deputy Calls for Promoting Chinese
- Cut Costs of Administration: Ren Yuling
- Incentive System Urged to Bolster Donations
- Pressing Problems Get Attention They Deserve
- Pay Roll Corruption Highlighted Among Booming Gov't Spending
- Advisors Calls for Care of Rural Children Left by Migrant Parents
- Forestation Proposed to Curb Salt Tide in the South
- Chinese Lawmaker Demands Protection of Tibetan Mastiffs
- 'Cultural Deficit' Cause for Concern
- China Needs to Bolster Donations to Narrow Wealth Gap
- Advisors Call for Protection of Old Buildings
- 'Online Superstition' Poisoning Teenagers
- Advisors Call for Efforts to Save 'Dying' Sea
- Shorter Shifts Proposed to Combat Unemployment
- Crusade for Better Rural Education
- Advisors Call for Improved Compensation Standard
- China Needs Law on Press Supervision: Lawmaker
- More College Students Under Poverty, Employment Pressure
- China Should Independently Develop Civil Aircraft: Advisor
- More Supervision on Gov't Spending Needed
- Income Irregularity Requires Better Cure
- Xinjiang a Valuable Resource Hub: Advisor
- Top Statistician Warns of Foreign Monopolies
- Concern Over Plight of Old People in Countryside
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