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Odd News

- Pet fashion designers dress dogs in Oscar style
- Actress Bai Ling arrested for shoplifting
- Mouse develops habit of stealing jewelry
- Man replicates Forbidden City
- Erotic pics of HK stars stir up town
- Peculiar calabash in Lanzhou
- Sean Paul music drives fan to brain surgery
- Oops, now Britney's lost her car
- 'Spiritual store' emerges in Beijing
- Belly dancing gains favor with boys
- Spears tops Hollywood star eBay sales
- RMB note as counterfeit proof for tickets
- Unusual calf born with two legs
- Film buffs bugged by bounty of bugs
- Rare stone exhibits China map
- Smallest couple to tie the knot
- Over 18,000 share name with Olympic champ Liu Xiang
- Odd Drink to Raise a 65kg Boy
- Biggest Toilet Built in Chongqing
- 'Post-90s' Generation Speak 'Martian Language'
- Playing Music to Dairy Cows Brings More Milk
- Smash the Dishes, Feel for the Better?
- A Lavish Funeral... for Pet Friend
- Woman Keeps Hair of 2.2 Meters
- Eating Mice Won't Stop Plague
- War Waged Against Mice Invasion
- Burning to Tell Someone Your Secret? Ok, Log On
- Sex Scandal Actress Attacks Again
- Man Proposes Marriage Through Movie Theater Ad
- Eatery Makes Promise to Chairman Mao
- Video Shows 'The Flowers' Fighting
- Painted Terracotta Warriors Stir Dispute
- French 'Spider-Man' Caught in Police Web
- Worrying Form of Black Magic Captivates Chinese Youth
- Popular Ethnic Singer Jailed on Arson Charges
- Chinese Writer Sues US Movie Giant over Copyright Infringement
- Name Cards Popularized Among Guangzhou Pupils
- Kindly Cartoon Tag on Car
- Wasteland Made into Pet Cemetery
- Celebrity Worship Turns Tragic
- "Mao Zedong Actress" Astonishes Chengdu Citizens
- Taiwan TV Host Admits Drug Use
- Concern Over Celebrities in Fake Ads
- Online Gamers Go for Voluntary Blood Donation, Involuntarily
- TV Cuckold Case Goes to Court
- Stars Cannot Buy Stars
- 'Panda' Virus Casts Shadow over China's Cyberspace
- Ads for Fashion and Soda Pop Pollute Campuses
- Police Threaten to Prosecute Wang Shuo
- Man Gives Wife Plastic Surgery For Women's Day
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- The Fourth Brother Visits His Mother
- The Red Maid
Awards & Festivals
Chinese director wins Silver Bear award

Chinese director and screenwriter Wang Xiaoshuai has picked up his second Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, winning the best screenplay prize for the film In Love We Trust on February 16, 2008.
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