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You don't need a crystal ball to know China is short of water. Swarovski, the crystal maker, is teaching school kids along the Yangtze about their precious resource.
China addresses challenge of climate change
In 2007, the term "climate change", an awkward wording for many Chinese even just years ago, was highlighted in a package of government documents and came to influence the workings of officials and Chinese citizens.
Full Story
- Heavy snow brings chaos to SW China city
- Ice thaw causes flood on China-Kazakh border river
- Yellow River water diverted to major lake ahead of Olympics
- Shanghai gains new botanic garden
- New plan to protect Three Gorges area
- Global warming threatening Tibet
- Forests vulnerable to disease, pests
- Joint carbon project launched
Ecology and China
- Race Is on to Protect Three Gorges Flora
- Baotu Spring Continues Spewing
- Green Vision for Baoshan
- 'Extinct' Dolphin Spotted in Yangtze River
- Lalu Wetland a Pure Land in Lhasa
- Trees Help Protect Drinking Water
Public Endeavor
- Citizens Urged to Develop 36 Habits to Save Energy
- Public Tip-offs Against Polluters Doubling Annually
- Illegal Traders Drug Elephant in Bid to Sell Herd
- Taxi Companies Clean Cars with Recycled Water
- Farmers Purchase Flies in Bid to Clean up City
- Beijing to Give Home to Its Stray Pets
International Cooperation
- China, Australia Ink Green Tech Deal
- Consensus Reached on Energy, Green Tech
- Youths Help Fight Against Climate Change
- Merkel Has Climate Change on Agenda
- Golden Sea-Land Route Ties Four Asian Nations
- China to Donate Cash for Quake-Hit Peru
Spotlight on...
Officials Hail Improved Air Quality During Car Ban
Beijing's overall air quality improved during the four-day test period carried out in anticipation of next August's Olympic Games. More than a million cars each day were barred from the roads.
- Beijing: A Day to Use Public Transport
- 'Air Quality Important for Olympic Athletes'
Anhui Rivers, Lakes Crying for Help
SEPA announced in early July that no more new industrial projects would see the light of day in several cities and industrial parks lying on four major rivers to halt the spread of pollution.
- Work on Taihu Lake Progressing
- Vice Premier Urges Ensuring Drinking Water Safety
SEPA Press Releases
- SEPA Closes 400 Heavy Polluters
- SEPA Considers Pollution Liability Insurance
- Ban Slapped on Polluting Cities, Zones
- SEPA Calls for More Public Involvement
- SEPA: Pollution Picture to Brighten This Year
- Factories Closed for Polluting Taihu Lake
Ecological Disasters
- Sichuan Gas Leak Puts 200 in Hospital
- Taihu, Chaohu Again Hit by Algae Outbreaks
- Guangdong Coast Choked by Record Levels of Sewage
- 5,000 Evacuated After Chlorine Leak
- Air Pollution Sends 140 Children, Teachers to Hospital
- Huangpu River Fuel Spill Contained
• State Environmental Protection Administration • Greener Beijing
• Ministry of Water Resources • China Environmental Industry Network
• Ministry of Land and Resources • Chengdu Giant Panda Research Base
Three-stage Plan to Ensure Clear Skies
A new package of measures, ranging from limiting the dust from construction sites to rainmaking, is to be introduced soon to help ensure blue skies at next year's Olympics.
- Utmost Efforts in Weather Forecasting During Olympics: BOCOG
- 'Air Quality Important for Olympic Athletes'
- Beijing Braces for Record Electricity Demand
- Beijing to Improve Meteorological Services for Expressway Drivers
- Weather Drills Get Under Way
Air Quality of Major Chinese Cities – Sept. 11
Major Pollutant
particulate matter

particulate matter

particulate matter

particulate matter
particulate matter
Air Quality Level


National Climate Change Program
China's first global warming policy initiative issued on June 4 in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
South China Karst
Rich and unique karst landforms located in south China display exceptional natural beauty.
Panda Facts
A record 28 panda cubs born via artificial insemination have survived in 2006.
Saving the Tibetan Antelopes
The rare animals survive in the harsh natural environment of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.
Useful Info
China in Brief
- Land Area
- Physical Features
- Rivers and Lakes
- Climate
- Land and Mineral Resources
- Plants and Animals
White Papers of the Government
- Environmental Protection in China (1996-2005)
- Ecological Improvement and Environmental Protection in Tibet
- The Development of China's Marine Programs
- Environmental Protection in China
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