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- Daytime dozing may up stroke risk for elderly
- Better education may better fend off memory loss
- Big leap forward on stem cell harvests
- Human stem cells might treat, even cure diabetes
- Vietnamese man might die from bird flu
- AIDS prevention lesson amid cement and steel
- Shanghai welcomes 700 rodents
- Nationwide program to combat HIV/AIDS
- Researchers create first chikungunya animal model
- WHO announces end of Ebola outbreak in Uganda
- WHO alarms HIV infection among TB patients
- 3 more provinces in Vietnam report bird flu outbreaks
- Laser can detect cancer, asthma via breath samples
- AIDS prevention policy for gay population
- Music helps stroke patients recover faster
- Heart attacks more deadly at night, on weekend
- Net addicts need help from school and home
- All strain, no gain?
- Diabetes becoming 'major problem'
- New bird flu outbreak confirmed in Tibet
- Vaccination drive boosted to 15 diseases
- China to work with BioMerieux on anti-infection network
- British scientists to use stem cell mending bone fractures
- Uruguay recommends yellow fever vaccine for visitors to Paraguay, Brazil
- Vaginal gel, safe, but fails to stop HIV infection
- China confirms new human bird flu case
- British scientists developing spinal injury treatment
- Stress could lead to cervical cancer
- Oriental Magpie Robin tests positive for H5N1 virus in HK
- City doctors give up good life for a worthy cause
- China to expand rural healthcare system
- Vietnam reports additional bird flu fatality
- California seeks to track 'superbug' cases
- British scientists discover allergy-triggering molecule
- National emergency declared in Paraguay due to yellow fever
- China to set up anti-smoking clinics
- UK doctors warn against illegal skin whitening creams
- Asia faces grave situation of bird flu outbreak
- 'Choking game' kills in US
- Paclitaxel-coated balloon keeps leg arteries open longer
- Gray heron tests positive for H5N1 virus in HK
- Vietnamese man dies from bird flu
- Britain identifies new bluetongue case
- High smoking deaths alarm health warning in India
- Brazil reports new yellow fever death
- Male nurses scarce in China, despite many looking for work
- Japan's HIV infections hit record high in 2007
- Love good for heart, says cardiologist
- Americans spend more to ease back, neck pain
- Fentanyl patches recalled for flaw
- Spouse's health may be affected by partner's sickness
- Beijing women smoking more
- Localities urged to be alert to animal epidemics
- Study: Acupuncture may boost pregnancy
- Singapore reports 13th chikungunya case
- Spread of bird flu in Pakistan under control
- Paraguay declares state of emergency after 1st yellow fever death
- Study: baby products contain harmful chemical
- Bird flu kills 103 out of 126 cases in Indonesia
- Only fools rush brushing, say dentists
- Why wearing stilettos could boost your sex life
- Hospital transplants heart, liver, kidney into same patient
- Dialysis patients: allergic reactions from blood thinner
- Phthalates found in high levels in baby products in US
- US largest outbreak of treatment-related allergic reactions in dialysis
- Using cellphones at bedtime unhealthy
- Women with larger breasts 'have higher diabetes risk'
- Hospital transplants heart, liver, kidney into same patient
- Expert urges prevention of epidemics outbreaks in snow-hit areas
- Double dipping your chip isn't hip
- Australian women drink more than expected
- HPV also blamed for oral cancer in men
- Nepali gov't directed to prevent bird flu
- FDA warns of anti-smoking Chantix' psychiatric risk
- Better nutrition in childhood, higher pay when grown up
- Inspectors promise to improve drug safety
- Magnesium can prevent premature baby's cerebral palsy
- FDA: Epilepsy drugs may raise suicide risk
- Study: all blue-eyed people have common ancestor
- Scientists tell why scratching brings relief
Ministry Press Releases
- Health Ministry plans to improve rural sanitation
- China to expand urban medical aid system
- Manufacturers urged to use nutrition labels
- Public health incidents kill 515 in 2007
- Infectious diseases claim 1,000 lives in Dec.
- Traditional medicines not always the tonic
- TCM trial aimed to help prevent diseases
- Experts agree global language of TCM
- You need moxie to try moxibustion
- Acupuncture used during heart surgery
Diet & Nutrition
- It boils down to this: eggs really are good for you
- Sugary drinks raise risk of gout in men
- Eating broccoli may help fight heart disease
- Eat radishes, skip the pharmacy
- How to cook your catch
Researchers worldwide have discovered that eating fish regularly - one or two serves weekly - may reduce the risk of diseases ranging from childhood asthma to prostate cancer.

If you have a tip to share about keeping a healthy lifestyle, treating common ailments like aches and pains, or better yet, the secret to longevity, drop us an E-mail.
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