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- Traditional medicines not always the tonic
- TCM trial aimed to help prevent diseases
- Experts agree global language of TCM
- You need moxie to try moxibustion
- Acupuncture used during heart surgery
- Hypertension Rx: TCM and Western meds
- Blood: The mother of qi - Why donating is a big deal in China
- TCM Rx for good cheer
- TCM boost to women's fertility
- China kicks off TCM health care project
- HK launches campaign to promote TCM
- Growing popularity of herbal paste
- TCM conference
- Famous TCM stores in Hangzhou
- China legalizes apprenticeships for TCM
- Program to lift ban on TCM doctors in pharmacies
- Take tonic in winter - Kill a tiger in the spring
- The beauty of tradition
- TCM spreads to neighborhoods
- Herb targets cancer cells
- Gov't gives TCM shot in the arm
- Traditional Chinese medicine attracts more and more Israelis
- Academy, WHO standardize medical terms
- Drink red snake wine and stay warm
- China's exports, imports of TCM rising
- 4 bln people treat diseases with herbal medicine
- Four pillars of traditional Chinese medicine
- Foreign Students Infatuated by Traditional Chinese Medicine
- Ancient Remedies to Combat Fatigue
- Experts Oppose TCM Abolished Argument
- TCM Helps Taikonauts Achieve Healthy Blast-offs
- TCM Take on Fat: Vent Your Spleen
- TCM Finally Honored by FDA
- 1,500-Plus Acupuncturists to Gather for TCM Conference
- Don't Be Squeamish About Tiger Bones: Forestry Official
- China to Further Modernize TCM
- TCM Find New Avenue to Int'l Market
- Healing Through Exercise Is Not Such a Stretch
- A Different Point of View
- Schroeder Advisor for TCM Promotion
- Health Push Sees TCM Take the Spotlight
- HIV/AIDS Victims in Henan Get Free TCM Treatment
- Prices of 188 Traditional Medicines Will Be Cut
- Tiger, Thou Art But a Mouse
- Healthy Move for TCM
- TCM to Expand Market with Scientific Help
- Traditional Medicine Has 'World Potential'
- TCM Expected to Play Important Role in Rural China
- China, France to Jointly Develop Traditional Chinese Medicines
- Young in Mind, Young in Body
- New Book Spurs Fresh Debate on TCM
- What's Up, Doc?
- Growing Interest in TCM
- Cure in Burning Stick of Mugwort
- Turning Up the Heat
- A Victory for TCM
- TCM Remedies Making a Healthy Impact in the West
- TCM to Play Important Role in Human Bird Flu Prevention
- Cupping Treatment Pinpoints the Pain
- 195 Hospitals for Minority Ethnic Groups
- Price Caps Extend to TCM Used on Tumors
- TCM Revenue Grows 20% Annually
- TCM Losing Out to Western Drugs
- Funds Injected into TCM Safety
- NPC Deputies Call for Law on TCM
- TCM Service Network to Cover Urban, Rural Areas
- Idea of Abolishing Traditional Chinese Medicine Ridiculous
- Debate on TCM Helpful
- Traditional Chinese Medicine in Tanzania
- Acupuncture Can Cure 461 Diseases: Expert
- TCM Remedies to Be Standardized
- Hospital transplants heart, liver, kidney into same patient
- Dialysis patients: allergic reactions from blood thinner
- Phthalates found in high levels in baby products in US
- US largest outbreak of treatment-related allergic reactions in dialysis
- Using cellphones at bedtime unhealthy
Ministry Press Releases
- China to expand urban medical aid system
- Manufacturers urged to use nutrition labels
- Public health incidents kill 515 in 2007
- Infectious diseases claim 1,000 lives in Dec.
- Medical reform to launch in selected regions this year
Diet & Nutrition
- Eating broccoli may help fight heart disease
- Eat radishes, skip the pharmacy
- How to cook your catch
- Coffee, tea linked to lower risk of kidney cancer
- Green tea may help protect against Parkinson's
Researchers worldwide have discovered that eating fish regularly - one or two serves weekly - may reduce the risk of diseases ranging from childhood asthma to prostate cancer.

If you have a tip to share about keeping a healthy lifestyle, treating common ailments like aches and pains, or better yet, the secret to longevity, drop us an E-mail.
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