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Dutch pavilion to bring happiness

By Wu Nanlan and Susan Tart
China.org.cn staff reporters

Netherlands Pavilion at Shanghai Expo

Netherlands Pavilion at Shanghai Expo


When people think of the Netherlands, a low lying country with numerous dams, tulips and clogs come to mind. At the upcoming Shanghai 2010 World Expo, the country will demonstrate that it has far more to offer. 想到荷兰,这个到处都是水坝的低洼国家,郁金香和木屐就会浮现在脑海中。在即将开幕的2010上海世博会上,这个国家将会展示出更多的东西。
The Netherlands Pavilion, designed by architect John Kormeling, is called Happy Street. "The inspiration came from the film of the Expo itself," Kormeling said. "A 'better city' means the old one is not good enough, so I started with the bases of cities – the street to set everything together, including factory, shop, farm and cinema." 建筑师约翰•考美林设计的荷兰馆被称为“快乐街”。“这个灵感就来源于本届世博会的宣传片,”考美林说,“‘更好的城市’意味着之前的城市还不够好,所以我从城市的基本元素——街道开始设计,用街道串起整个城市,包括工厂、商店、农场还有电影院。”
There are 28 small houses and various other objects along the pedestrian strip. These houses will present exhibitions exploring themes such as technological innovation, urban development, environment sustainability, culture and art, and many other issues. 荷兰馆的步行道两旁坐落着28座小房子和其他设施。这些房子所展示的内容涵盖了技术革新、城市发展、环境可持续性,以及文化艺术等多种主题。
"This time, it is not the classic pavilion with long lines of visitors waiting outside and a presentation inside. We have no doors, and everyone is welcome to join our party," Kormeling said. “参观传统的展馆时,游客们在外面排着长队,等着看里面的展示;这一次,情况则完全不同。我们的荷兰馆没有门,我们欢迎所有人来参加我们的聚会,”考美林这样说道。
Moreover, the pedestrian street is shaped like an 8, a lucky number in China that suggests fortune. 另外,荷兰馆的步行道整体呈现出阿拉伯数字8的形状,在中国,8是意味着财富的幸运数字。
"That is a kind of coincidence, but I am happy that happened," Kormeling said. “这是一种巧合,不过我很高兴看到巧合的发生,”考美林说。
The 2010 World Expo will formally open May 1 and last until October 31. Participants include 192 countries and 50 international organizations. Organizers expect the event will draw some 70 million visitors.


(China.org.cn 陈博渊 译)

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