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Daily News 2010-08-03
After making major headlines in China and the US with its call in May to stop using UnionPay, Visa has become strangely mum on the issue.
After making major headlines in China and the US with its call in May to stop using UnionPay, Visa has become strangely mum on the issue.
Visa UnionPay ban unenforced Visa未“如期”封杀银联
After making major headlines in China and the US with its call in May to stop using UnionPay, Visa has become strangely mum on the issue, the Global Times reported. Reports said that Visa informed its member financial institutions this May to stop using UnionPay as an international payment method from Aug. 1. The first violation would result in a charge of US$50,000, and further violations would cost them US$25,000 each month. But "UnionPay cards co-branded with Visa can still be used overseas," said a source close to the matter Monday. Calls to major banks all confirmed that they have not yet received any information about the ban on UnionPay in overseas markets. A customer service agent with UnionPay did not know whether the Visa ban had taken effect. 据《环球时报》报道,今年五月Visa叫停中国银联海外结算通道,受到了中美两国媒体的广泛关注,但Visa最近却在这个问题上出奇地沉默。报道称Visa公司五月左右要求其下属的金融机构从8月1日开始停止银联的海外结算通道。银行首次犯规将被处以5万美元的罚款;如果再犯,每月将罚款2.5万美元。但是有关人士周一透露说,“银联Visa联名信用卡目前在海外仍可以使用。”各大银行在电话中都证实银联的海外业务目前没有收到任何禁令通知。一名银联的销售人员表示不清楚Visa的禁令是否已经生效。
Geely completes Volvo buy 吉利完成收购沃尔沃
Zhejiang Geely said on Monday it paid US$1.3 billion in cash and issued a US$200 million note to Ford Motor Co. to complete its purchase of Ford's Volvo unit, Reuters reported. The purchase marked China's biggest acquisition of a foreign car maker and reflected the nation's rapid rise in the auto world. The real challenge for Geely will lie ahead, as it aims to restore Volvo to long-term profits. Volvo Cars posted revenue of US$12.4 billion in 2009 by selling 334,000 cars, but it recorded a pretax loss of US$653 million. Geely's plan includes using Volvo to produce luxury brands in China while maintaining its operations in Europe to supply the international market. 据路透社报道,浙江吉利于周一表示其向福特汽车公司支付了13亿美元的现金及2亿美元的票据,由此完成了对福特旗下沃尔沃汽车的收购。这是中国对外国汽车制造商最大宗的收购,也反映出中国在全球汽车业的地位迅速上升。吉利想如其所愿,使沃尔沃扭亏为盈,任务还十分艰巨。2009年,沃尔沃汽车公司卖了33.4万辆车,收入124亿美元,然而其税前亏损却达到了6.53亿美元。吉利计划保留沃尔沃的欧洲业务,继续对国际市场的供货,与此同时,利用沃尔沃在中国生产豪华车型。
Shenzhen debuts harsh traffic laws 深圳“最严厉”交规实施
Three drivers in Shenzhen have been detained for 15 days and fined 50,000 yuan after the city introduced its most stringent traffic rules Sunday, Information Times reported. The new punishments for 10 common offenses include fines of 500 yuan for running red lights, 3,000 yuan for drunk driving, and 50,000 yuan for covering or falsifying license plates. Traffic police say heavy punishment will deter offenders, but some people say it is a burden for common people. 据《信息时报》报道,上周日深圳史上最猛交规开罚后,已经有3名司机各被罚款5万并拘留15天。新规包括10项交通安全违法行为处罚,其中闯红灯罚500元,醉酒驾驶罚3000元,变造号牌罚5万。交警称,高额罚款能制止违法行为,但一些人认为天价罚单对于普通老百姓来说过于沉重。
MeeGo gets Intel, Tencent input 腾讯出手机
China's leading portal company Tencent plans to launch its own mobile phone brand using the open source operating system MeeGo, a company insider says. Tencent has dropped Android after consideration, the person adds without elaborating on the reason or the future OEM for Tencent phones. Another source suggests Tencent is merely adding its own elements into a present version of MeeGo instead of creating a new one, "similar to the relation between OPhone and Android." 腾讯内部人士近日透露,腾讯将于年底推出自有品牌手机,值得注意的是该手机将采用用户开放的MeeGo操作系统。该内部人士还透露,腾讯也曾考虑采用Android操作系统,但最终放弃,其并未透露放弃Android的原因以及未来腾讯的OEM厂商。来自另一渠道的消息显示,腾讯自有品牌手机并不采用现有的操作系统,而是加入更多的腾讯元素,“类似OPhone与Android的关系。”
HSBC's earnings double in H1 汇丰收入翻番
The Wall Street Journal reported that HSBC Holdings PLC said its profits doubled in the first half of the year to US$6.8 billion. That eclipsed the bank's combined US$5.8 billion profits over the prior 12-month period. Losses on bad loans tumbled to US$7.5 billion, the lowest level since the financial crisis struck in the fall of 2008. Last year, HSBC suffered about US$26.5 billion in loan impairments. The resurgent profits show that the UK's banking sector has largely healed. 据《华尔街日报》报道,汇丰控股有限公司表示其上半年的利润翻了一倍,达到了68亿美元,超过了前12个月利润之和,即58亿美元。其不良贷款的损失降到了75亿美元,为2008年秋季金融危机爆发以来的最低值。去年,汇丰经营糟糕,其贷款损失达到了约265亿美元。其利润的上涨也显示出英国的银行业已基本恢复元气。

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