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The Fighter

片名:The Fighter
译名:斗士/ 拳击兄弟

导演:大卫•拉塞尔(David O. Russell)
主演:克里斯蒂安•贝尔(Christian Bale)
           马克•沃尔伯格(Mark Wahlberg)
           梅丽莎•里奥(Melissa Leo)
           艾米•亚当斯(Amy Adams)
           罗伯特•沃尔伯格(Robert Wahlberg)




The Story




We catch up with Dicky Eklund (Christian Bale) years after he had his last real shot at success in the ring. An HBO crew is following him around to document his comeback attempt, though only a short time later it's evident to all any chance Dicky had for a comeback is long gone. Dicky's biggest claim to fame is once knocking Sugar Ray Leonard down and he's quick to point that out, bringing it up in nearly every conversation. It had earned him the title "The Pride of Lowell," but now it's Micky's (Mark Wahlberg) turn. He's the man of the hour, the fighter the family's resting its hopes on. 影片中迪基•埃克伦德(克里斯蒂安•贝尔 饰)出场的时候,距离他在拳击台上最后一次发威已有数年之久。HBO电视网的一名员工紧跟在迪基周围,试图用摄像机记录下他的复出过程。然而,人们很快发现,他显然早已没有了复出的可能。迪基最荣耀的时刻就是曾经将一代拳王舒格•雷•伦纳德击倒在地,他动不动就在谈话中提到这一点。这使他成为了“洛厄尔的骄傲”,不过现在轮到了他同母异父的弟弟米奇(马克•沃尔伯格 饰)站在拳击台上。米奇成了新一代的风云人物,是全家的希望之所在。
Unlike his drug-abusing, screwed-up half-brother, Micky's a quiet man who lets his fists do his talking. Dicky's taken to hanging out in a squalid flop house, smoking crack and missing appointments to train his brother for an upcoming match. Micky, meanwhile, concentrates on getting into top physical shape despite all the drama surrounding his older brother. While working out to get ready, Micky also has to deal with an overbearing mother (Melissa Leo) who manages his career and seven sisters from hell who form a harpy chorus echoing everything their mother says. 与滥用毒品、职业生涯尽毁的哥哥不同,米奇是一个沉默寡言的人,习惯用拳头来说话。迪基常去一家肮脏的廉价旅馆厮混,还迷恋上吸食可卡因;弟弟米奇的比赛日渐临近,需要他的指导,但他却一次次地失约。与此同时,米奇集中精力将自己的身体调整至最佳状态,不去理睬哥哥那边三天两头上演的好戏。在努力备战的同时,米奇还要应付其他家人。母亲(梅丽莎•里奥 饰)是他的拳击经理人,性格傲慢专横。他还有七个讨厌的姐妹,每当母亲说话的时候就在一旁帮腔。
Micky's shot at being a contender is reaching a critical stage as he's getting up in age and hasn't been winning the fights he needs to in order to be taken seriously. A new no-nonsense girlfriend (Amy Adams) helps Micky see the light and that, along with Dicky's run-in with the law and subsequent prison sentence, frees him up to change his management and get a new trainer. Getting out from under his mother's thumb was the right move as his fight career immediately turns around and his shot at greatness finally presents itself -- just as a reinvigorated, remorseful Dicky returns from his time spent in jail.

米奇的拳击之路走到了危急关头,因为他年岁渐大,又几次比赛失利,得不到人们的重视。米奇的新女友(艾米•亚当斯 饰)是个讲究实际的人,在她的帮助下,米奇及时醒悟过来。这时,迪基恰恰触犯了法律被判坐牢,米奇于是换掉了经理人和教练。摆脱了母亲的控制之后,米奇的拳击生涯立即有了起色。迪基刑满出狱之后,悔不当初的他重新振作起来;就在这时,米奇一举成名的机会终于出现了。

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