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A friendship founded on business is better than business founded on friendship. (John Davision Rockefeller, American businessman)

建立在商务基础上的友谊胜过建立在友谊基础上的商务。——美国实业家 洛克菲勒 J. D.

Advertising may be described as the science of arresting human in-telligence long enough to get money from it. (Leacock Stephen, Canadian economist)

广告可被视为一种长久蒙蔽人类智慧以期从中赚钱的技巧。——加拿大经济学家 斯蒂芬 L.

All progress is based upon a universal innate desire on the part of every organism to live beyond its income. (Samuel Butler, British writer)

世人莫不怀着一种与生俱来的欲望,要把支出超过收入,此乃一切进步的动力。——英国作家 勃特勒. S.

Avarice , the apur of industry. (David Hume, Bdritish Philosopher)

贪婪是工业的兴奋剂。——英国哲学家 休谟 D.

Business? That's very simple---- it's other people's money. (Alexandre Dumas, French novelist)

做生意吗?那太简单了——叫别人掏钱包。——法国小说家 小仲马 A.

Business underlies everything in our national life, including our spiritual life, Witness the fact that in the Lord's prayer the first petition is for daily bread, No one can worship God or love his neighbor on an empty stoach. (Woodrow Wilson, American President)

生活包括精神生活的基础。不容置疑的事实是,在主祷文中向上帝祈求的第一件事是让我们天天有面包。没有人能饿着肚子敬奉上帝或热爱他的邻居。——美国总统 威尔逊 W.

Did you ever expect a corporation to have a conscience, when it has no soul to damned, and no body to be kicked? (Edward Thurlow, British Lawyer)

公司既没有灵魂可以被诅咒,又没有躯体可以被踢翻,难道你指望它有什么良心吗?——英国律师 瑟洛杉矶 E.

Economy the poor man's mints; extravagance the rich man's pitfall. (Martin Tupper, American economist)

节约是穷人的造币厂,浪费是富人的陷阱。——美国经济学家 塔珀 M.

For years I thought what was good for our country was good for General Motors, and vice versa. (Charles E. Wilison, American president of GM)

多少年业,我始终认为对国家有利的事对我们通用汽车公司也有利,反之亦然。——美国通用汽车公司总裁 威尔逊 C. E.

Good times, bad times, there will always be advertising, In good times people want advertising; in bad times they have to. (Bruce Barton, British economist)

管是繁荣时期还是萧条时期,广告总会存在。繁荣时,人们想做广告;萧条时,人们不得不做广告。——英国经济学家 巴顿 B.

Here's the rule for bargains "Do other men, for they would do you." That's the true precept. (Charles Dickens, British novelist)

这里有一条交易法则:“欺骗他人,因为他们也欺骗你。”这是真正的经商之道。——英国小说家 狄更斯 C.

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