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Full Text of Hu Jintao's speech at CPC anniversary gathering

The Communist Party of China (CPC) holds a grand gathering on July 1, 2011 at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing to celebrate the Party's 90th anniversary.[Xinhua]

The Communist Party of China (CPC) holds a grand gathering on July 1, 2011 at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing to celebrate the Party's 90th anniversary.[Xinhua]
In 1921, the CPC was born in the process of integrating Marxism-Leninism with the Chinese workers' movement. The birth of the CPC was a natural product of the development of modern and contemporary Chinese history as well as the indomitable exploration of the Chinese people for survival of the nation. The birth of the CPC put the Chinese revolution on the right course, gave the Chinese people a powerful motivation and created bright prospects for China's future development. 1921年,在马克思列宁主义同中国工人运动相结合的进程中,中国共产党应运而生。中国共产党的诞生,是近现代中国历史发展的必然产物,是中国人民在救亡图存斗争中顽强求索的必然产物。从此,中国革命有了正确前进方向,中国人民有了强大精神力量,中国命运有了光明发展前景。
Over the past 90 years, our Party has united with and led the Chinese people in writing a grand epic in the history of human development on this ancient land of China, evidenced in three earthshaking events. 90年来,我们党团结带领人民在中国这片古老的土地上,书写了人类发展史上惊天地、泣鬼神的壮丽史诗,集中体现为完成和推进了三件大事。
The first is that our Party, firmly relying on the people, completed the new-democratic revolution, winning national independence and liberation of the people. The Party and the people fought through the Northern Expedition, the Agrarian Revolutionary War, the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the War of Liberation in 28 years, during which they defeated Japanese imperialist aggressors, overthrew the Kuomintang reactionary rule and established the People's Republic of China. With the founding of New China, the Chinese people became masters of their country and society and determined their own destiny. China achieved a great transition from a feudal autocracy that was several thousand years old to a people's democracy. Great unity and unprecedented solidarity of all ethnic groups were realized in China. The history of old China being a semi-colonial and semi-feudal society which was like a heap of loose sand was brought to an end once and for all. The unequal treaties imposed on China by imperialist powers and all the privileges they had in China were abolished. The Chinese people stood up, and the Chinese nation entered a new era of development and progress. 第一件大事,我们党紧紧依靠人民完成了新民主主义革命,实现了民族独立、人民解放。经过北伐战争、土地革命战争、抗日战争、解放战争,党和人民进行28年浴血奋战,打败日本帝国主义侵略,推翻国民党反动统治,建立了中华人民共和国。新中国的成立,使人民成为国家、社会和自己命运的主人,实现了中国从几千年封建专制制度向人民民主制度的伟大跨越,实现了中国高度统一和各民族空前团结,彻底结束了旧中国半殖民地半封建社会的历史,彻底结束了旧中国一盘散沙的局面,彻底废除了列强强加给中国的不平等条约和帝国主义在中国的一切特权。中国人从此站立起来了,中华民族发展进步从此开启了新的历史纪元。
The second is that, firmly relying on the people, our Party completed the socialist revolution and established the basic socialist system. We creatively achieved the transition from New Democracy to socialism, therefore creating a socialist society for a quarter of the world's population in this large country in the East, and brought about the most extensive and profound social changes in Chinese history. We established industrial and economic systems that were independent and fairly complete, and we gained important experience of building socialism in China, a country with backward productive forces. 第二件大事,我们党紧紧依靠人民完成了社会主义革命,确立了社会主义基本制度。我们创造性地实现由新民主主义到社会主义的转变,使占世界人口四分之一的东方大国进入社会主义社会,实现了中国历史上最广泛最深刻的社会变革。我们建立起独立的比较完整的工业体系和国民经济体系,积累了在中国这样一个社会生产力水平十分落后的东方大国进行社会主义建设的重要经验。
The third is that, firmly relying on the people, our Party carried out a great new revolution of reform and opening up, creating, upholding, and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics. Since the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh CPC Central Committee, we have reviewed China's practices of building socialism and drawn on the experience of other countries. We have embarked on the path of reform and opening up with tremendous political and theoretical courage and courage in practice. Going through an arduous process of trial and error, we have formed the Party's basic theory, line and platform and gained basic experience in the primary stage of socialism, established a socialist market economy and constantly improved it, made China fully open, and made world-renowned progress in the socialist modernization drive. 第三件大事,我们党紧紧依靠人民进行了改革开放新的伟大革命,开创、坚持、发展了中国特色社会主义。党的十一届三中全会以来,我们总结我国社会主义建设经验,同时借鉴国际经验,以巨大的政治勇气、理论勇气、实践勇气实行改革开放,经过艰辛探索,形成了党在社会主义初级阶段的基本理论、基本路线、基本纲领、基本经验,建立和完善社会主义市场经济体制,坚持全方位对外开放,推动社会主义现代化建设取得举世瞩目的伟大成就。
These three major events reshaped the future and destiny of the Chinese people and the Chinese nation. They irreversibly ended the misery endured by China in modern times when it suffered from both domestic turmoil and foreign invasion and was poor and weak. They also irreversibly started the Chinese nation's historic march for development, growth, and great rejuvenation. They gave China, a civilization of over 5,000 years, a completely new look and created unimagined prospects for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. 这三件大事,从根本上改变了中国人民和中华民族的前途命运,不可逆转地结束了近代以后中国内忧外患、积贫积弱的悲惨命运,不可逆转地开启了中华民族不断发展壮大、走向伟大复兴的历史进军,使具有5000多年文明历史的中国面貌焕然一新,中华民族伟大复兴展现出前所未有的光明前景。
The profundity and the political and social impact of the changes that have taken place in Chinese society and in the destiny of the Chinese people over the past 90 years are rare in the history of human development. 90年来,中国社会发生的变革,中国人民命运发生的变化,其广度和深度,其政治影响和社会意义,在人类发展史上都是十分罕见的。
What has happened shows that in the great cause of China's social development and progress since modern times, history and the people have chosen the CPC, Marxism, the socialist road, and the reform and opening up policy. 事实充分证明,在近代以来中国社会发展进步的壮阔进程中,历史和人民选择了中国共产党,选择了马克思主义,选择了社会主义道路,选择了改革开放。
History has also fully shown that the CPC truly deserves to be called a great, glorious and correct Marxist political party and the core force leading the Chinese people in breaking new ground in development. 事实充分证明,中国共产党不愧为伟大、光荣、正确的马克思主义政党,不愧为领导中国人民不断开创事业发展新局面的核心力量。

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