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Full Text of Hu Jintao's speech at CPC anniversary gathering

The Communist Party of China (CPC) holds a grand gathering on July 1, 2011 at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing to celebrate the Party's 90th anniversary. [Xinhua]

The Communist Party of China (CPC) holds a grand gathering on July 1, 2011 at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing to celebrate the Party's 90th anniversary. [Xinhua]
To make Party building more scientific under the new historical conditions, we must recruit people on merits without regard to their origins, adhere to the criterion of evaluating cadres in terms of both political integrity and professional ability with priority given to integrity, and encourage outstanding individuals in all fields to join the cause of the Party and country. 在新的历史条件下提高党的建设科学化水平,必须坚持五湖四海、任人唯贤,坚持德才兼备、以德为先用人标准,把各方面优秀人才集聚到党和国家事业中来。
The Party's growth over the past 90 years shows that once the political line is adopted, cadres are important in ensuring its success. To place cadres on merits without regard to their origins is dictated by our Party's nature and goal. The only interests the Party has are those of the people, and it does not have special interests for itself. The Party adheres to this lofty principle, and for all those who are loyal to the people, identify themselves with the people and dedicate themselves to the people, the Party provides a big arena to give full play to their talent. Whether the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics can become wider and whether the Chinese nation can achieve its great rejuvenation depend on our success in training and fostering a large number of outstanding personnel, and particularly, in bringing outstanding personnel in all fields to the fore and bringing out their best. 90年来党的发展历程告诉我们,政治路线确定之后干部就是决定因素。坚持五湖四海、任人唯贤,是我们党性质和宗旨的必然要求。我们党除了人民利益,没有自己的特殊利益。我们党坚持这个崇高原则,为一切忠于人民、扎根人民、奉献人民的人们提供了施展才华的宽广舞台。中国特色社会主义道路能不能越走越宽广,中华民族能不能实现伟大复兴,要看能不能不断培养造就大批优秀人才,更要看能不能让各方面优秀人才脱颖而出、施展才华。
We should open up, with greater vision, determination and courage, channels for recruiting talented personnel, quickly identify outstanding cadres in all fields and put them to good use. We will continue to give top priority to political integrity in placing cadres, and select and place those who have firm political conviction and outstanding performance and are capable and well received by the people. Cadres should be placed in accordance with the principles that integrity should be fostered in self-improvement, in setting an example for others, and in enhancing competence and that integrity should be matched by competence. We will continue to place cadres based on their performance so that capable people are given opportunities and well placed, honest persons are not disadvantaged, those who seek personal gains by acting in a calculating way and currying favor will gain nothing, and all outstanding cadres can dedicate themselves to the Party and the people. 我们要以更宽的视野、更高的境界、更大的气魄,广开进贤之路,把各方面优秀干部及时发现出来、合理使用起来。要坚持把干部的德放在首要位置,选拔任用那些政治坚定、有真才实学、实绩突出、群众公认的干部,形成以德修身、以德服众、以德领才、以德润才、德才兼备的用人导向。要坚持凭实绩使用干部,让能干事者有机会、干成事者有舞台,不让老实人吃亏,不让投机钻营者得利,让所有优秀干部都能为党和人民贡献力量。
To continuously train a large number of outstanding young cadres is of fundamental importance for carrying on the cause of the Party and the people from generation to generation. To shoulder heavy responsibilities, young cadres must foster a sound worldview and correct views on power and career, and they should be loyal to the Party's cause, be identified with the people, be committed to whatever they do, and constantly improve themselves. Young cadres need to take the initiative to work in hardship areas and complicated environments and take up challenging positions to temper their moral character and work style and improve their ability. When young cadres come to the fore in large numbers who have honed themselves in tough and complicated environments, endured the test of major struggles, and proved themselves outstanding and promising, they will create a great future for the cause of the Party and the people. 源源不断培养造就大批优秀年轻干部,是关系党和人民事业继往开来、薪火相传的根本大计。年轻干部要承担起事业重任,必须牢固树立正确的世界观、权力观、事业观,做到忠诚党的事业、心系人民群众、专心做好工作、不断完善自己。广大年轻干部要自觉到艰苦地区、复杂环境、关键岗位砥砺品质、锤炼作风、增长才干。经过艰苦复杂环境磨练、重大斗争考验、实践证明优秀、有培养前途的大批年轻干部能够不断涌现出来,党和人民事业就大有希望。

Talent is the most important resource and a strategic resource for a country's development. All the comrades in the Party and the whole society should adhere to the major principle of respect for work, knowledge, talent, and creation, imbue themselves with the view that everyone has potential talent to develop, and do not hesitate to use talents for the cause of the Party and the people. We should provide broad platforms to talented persons of all types to pursue their career and fully tap their development potential, and make sure that everyone contributes their due share to the country, the people, and the nation. It is particularly important to speed up the training of talented young people and to ensure that capable people emerge in great numbers and put their talents to best use and that everyone can bring out their best.


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