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Seeking a way out for Hong Kong
Stopping violence and restoring order, as well as upholding and improving the principle of "one country, two systems" is the only effective solution to Hong Kong's difficult situation.
China, France unite to bring new life to Notre Dame
China and France signed a cooperation document on the restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.
China, Brazil promote BRICS cooperation despite contrary rumors
The world is waiting to hear more fresh ideas from the five BRICS countries.
CIIE: An opportunity to enter the Chinese market
This year, the total floor space for the Business Exhibition and Country Exhibition expanded to 360,000 square meters from 300,000 square meters, and more Fortune 500 enterprises and industry leaders joined in.
Wuhan Military World Games: Military Glory and World Peace
The 7th Military World Games is scheduled to be held from October 18 to 27 in central China's Wuhan city. Thus, the event is also known as the Wuhan Military World Games.
How did life expectancy double in China in 70 years?
It may be a big surprise for some of you to know that 70 years ago, the average life expectancy of Chinese people was only 35 years. Luckily, today, the figure has been raised to 77.
70th Anniversary: Chinese People, Chinese Dream
In the past 70 years, China has enabled millions of its citizens to realize their own dreams through opening-up, innovation, reform and development. These people are also striving to achieve the Chinese Dream.
From green trains to high-speed railway
When the PRC was first founded, the green trains were the principal means of transport for people to travel afar. In 2018, the total length of Chinese railways as well as high speed rail ways ranked 1st in the world. The term "China speed" sums up the story.
From feeding people to feeding them well
From mostly scattered primitive small-scale peasant economy to an advanced agricultural country, what happened on the road?
From hand-written letters to 5G
In the 1950s, there were less than 300 thousand landline telephone subscribers. Today, as China embraces the 5G era, more upgrades in the means of communication are yet to be seen.
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