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In Focus
London attack: Why terrorism keeps haunting Europe?
The Westminster Bridge is an iconic landmark in London, but it fell prey to a deadly terrorist attack on March 22.
Death by a thousand cuts
"Outsider" Trump received the vote that should have been won by a disconnected Hilary Clinton and Democratic Party.
» Trump's stunning victory
The increasing rhetorical polarization
The accusations being brought against Donald Trump that claim he's a Russian agent are overblown and represent the ever-expanding partisan gap in the U.S.
Trump and Clinton: their stances on China
It's about time to ask the question: how might the American presidential election affect U.S. policy towards China?
China and the US presidential election
China is closely watching the present U.S. presidential campaign, but, whoever wins, its policy of peaceful development won't change.
Why poverty alleviation has become more difficult in China
China has made great achievements in alleviating poverty. However, there are still many problems to be solved before poverty is totally eliminated.
Xi's G20 vision reflects need for world to unite to solve problems
In his speeches in Hangzhou, President Xi Jinping highlighted the need for united international efforts to deal with many challenges, and none more so than in the field of human rights.
High expectations for the G20 Hangzhou summit
The world has high expectations for the 11th G20 summit scheduled to be held on Sept. 4-5 in Hangzhou.
How 2016 changed the rules of the game
The face of global order, structure and policy is changing along with the already monumental shifts that have occurred during 2016.
Realism has to prevail in the South China Sea
In political theory, realism and idealism seem categorically opposed. Which ideology will dictate the events unfolding in the South China Sea?
»S. China Sea arbitration: A US-led conspiracy behind the farce
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