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High expectations for the G20 Hangzhou summit
The world has high expectations for the 11th G20 summit scheduled to be held on Sept. 4-5 in Hangzhou.
How 2016 changed the rules of the game
The face of global order, structure and policy is changing along with the already monumental shifts that have occurred during 2016.
Realism has to prevail in the South China Sea
In political theory, realism and idealism seem categorically opposed. Which ideology will dictate the events unfolding in the South China Sea?
»S. China Sea arbitration: A US-led conspiracy behind the farce
The real reason for the US South China Sea provocation
The U.S.'s attempts to transfer issues onto the military terrain best explain its deliberate escalation of tension in both the South China Sea and in the deployment of the THAAD missile system in South Korea.
How will the Philippine's new president handle the South China Sea issue
The world is wondering how the incoming Filipino president Duterte will treat their disputes with China.
» Philippines elections: chances for a positive start in foreign policy
A Victory Parade for China and humanity
China's eight year struggle against Japan's aggression played a key role in WWII not only in Asia but even for the European theatre of the war.
» Ethiopia's part in the anti-fascist alliance
» Victory Day celebration echoes in South Asia
» Commemorating the great struggle
» China's Victory Day
» History made us what we are - nothing must be forgotten
Turkey's attacks on ISIS and Kurds risk two-front war
Having tried and failed to sit on the sidelines in the struggle against the Islamic State in Syria, Turkey's action in now also attacking Kurds in Iraq risks triggering a two-front war it cannot win.
»Turkey at war with the Islamic State
Iran deal signifies US success and decline
Though the Iran nuclear deal is primarily a big success for the United States, it also means challenges for Obama's administration.
» A good but not perfect deal on Iran
» Geopolitical ramifications of the Iran deal
» Iranian nuclear deal reached at last
How will the Greek referendum result affect China?
The Greece crisis has not affected the progress of the Belt and Road initiatives. On the contrary, it has promoted the construction of China's Piraeus port construction project.
» The nature of the Greek debt crisis
» Greece: The morning after
» Greece stands up
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