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HSR being upgraded to hyperloop?
China accelerates to contribute technologies to the world
The hyperloop trains with a max speed of 4,000 kilometers an hour, if developed by China, will “fly” to the countries along the Belt and Road.
BRICS potential huge, but needs more work
China will contribute its wisdom at home to promote mutually beneficial cooperation between the BRICS members and improve global governance.
The justice and bravery of 'anti-Japanese' cartoon Doraemon
"The Elephant and the Uncle" - a special version of the popular Japanese cartoon Doraemon- recently aired on TV has triggered uproar on the internet due to one line.
Countdown to Xiamen summit: BRICS Seminar on Governance
The "BRICS Seminar on Governance" was held from August 17 to 18 in Quanzhou. Officials and think tank scholars from the five countries shared ideas and a series of cooperative agreements were signed.
India's cross-border transgression is wrong and dangerous
The incursion by Indian troops into Chinese territory in June has provoked confrontation across the border between the two countries. The standoff has lasted over a month with no signs of ending.
Zhurihe military parade displays the progress of China's military reforms
A grand military parade was held at the Zhurihe military training base on July 30 to mark the 90th founding anniversary of the People's Liberation Army (PLA).
PLA Navy's high-profile action? Far from it!
Last weekend, a Chinese warship appeared in waters off the state of Queensland in Eastern Australia, which was interpreted in some quarters as an action monitoring ongoing joint military exercises between Australia and the United States.
How 'Made in China' wins worldwide popularity
Recently, a video first shared on YouTube seven years ago has received media coverage. The video, which introduces a PLA military shovel, has racked up over 2 million clicks and more than 3,000 comments.
30 years on: International fast food epitomizes mix of cultures
While KFC comes to China, Noodles with Thick Gravy is taking root in Moscow. It is such intercommunications and integration that build bridges connecting people from different cultures.
Xi's visit to Russia, Germany offers solution to regional connectivity
President Xi's visit to Russia and Germany from July 3 to 8 is a significant trip which aims to remove the obstacles affecting the development of the Eurasian Continent, build interconnections and foster inclusiveness.
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