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70th Anniversary: Chinese People, Chinese Dream
In the past 70 years, China has enabled millions of its citizens to realize their own dreams through opening-up, innovation, reform and development. These people are also striving to achieve the Chinese Dream.
From green trains to high-speed railway
When the PRC was first founded, the green trains were the principal means of transport for people to travel afar. In 2018, the total length of Chinese railways as well as high speed rail ways ranked 1st in the world. The term "China speed" sums up the story.
From feeding people to feeding them well
From mostly scattered primitive small-scale peasant economy to an advanced agricultural country, what happened on the road?
From hand-written letters to 5G
In the 1950s, there were less than 300 thousand landline telephone subscribers. Today, as China embraces the 5G era, more upgrades in the means of communication are yet to be seen.
A glimpse of Meishan: Hometown of Su Dongpo
Sometimes, a city becomes well-known for a single special person. This is exactly the case with Su Dongpo and his hometown Meishan.
Freshmen start university life with artistic acceptance letters
In September, many colleges and universities in China are starting a new school year in succession. Upon opening Tsinghua University's admission letter, a micro 3D school gate will stand erect.
China-Northeast Asia Expo: Multilateral cooperation for a brighter future
The just-concluded expo is the largest, and most effective platform in this region for attracting investment, promoting business exchange and cooperation.
Will you give your unwanted items a 'second life'?
The second-hand trade, a kind of transaction which is both traditional and modern, is now very popular among young Chinese people.
What exactly brought Hong Kong into a 'violent storm'?
Riots have raged for two months since the first large-scale demonstration took place in Hong Kong in June.
Yueyang's diligent protection of the Yangtze River
Yueyang has worked hard to ensure environmental security by shutting down polluting industries and starting remediation projects.
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