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In Focus
China-Northeast Asia Expo: Multilateral cooperation for a brighter future
The just-concluded expo is the largest, and most effective platform in this region for attracting investment, promoting business exchange and cooperation.
Will you give your unwanted items a 'second life'?
The second-hand trade, a kind of transaction which is both traditional and modern, is now very popular among young Chinese people.
What exactly brought Hong Kong into a 'violent storm'?
Riots have raged for two months since the first large-scale demonstration took place in Hong Kong in June.
Yueyang's diligent protection of the Yangtze River
Yueyang has worked hard to ensure environmental security by shutting down polluting industries and starting remediation projects.
China and Africa: A lasting trade relationship
Let's take a look at some figures highlighting the significance of China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo.
Shibadong village: Where targeted poverty alleviation began
In the mountains of western Hunan sits Shibadong, a village with rich ethnic charm. The Miao people living there celebrate their festivals by playing on swings, playing the sheng (a traditional Chinese reed instrument), performing dragon dances, and singing folk songs.
China pilots internet-based nursing program for the elderly
In recent years, an internet-based nursing program has been piloted in many cities to provide door-to-door services for senior citizens.
G20 summit upholds multilateralism, opposes protectionism
The 14th Group of 20 (G20) summit was held June 28-29 in Osaka, Japan. Over the past decade, G20 nations have confronted many difficulties together. In response to crises, they have coordinated macroeconomic policies, upheld free trade, opposed protectionism, and made great contributions to preventing the global financial crisis from turning into a disaster like the Great Depression in the 1930s.
Seeds of Change: Changsha brings agricultural expertise to Africa
The First China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo will be held in Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, from June 27 to 29.
Palace Museum receives 'heavy' gift from Hong Kong
The precious gift demonstrates the close link between Hong Kong and the mainland.
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