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Top 10 richest Chinese in the world in 2015
Li Ka-shing, once the richest on the list, was displaced at the top for the first time this year, according to the 2015 Hurun Global Chinese Rich List.
Top 10 provincial regions with highest GDP growth
Southwest China's Chongqing led the country with 11 percent GDP growth in the first six months of this year.
Top 10 US universities in 2015
Pomona College topped the list of America's Top Colleges 2015, showing the high return on investment of its degrees.
Top 10 countries with highest income
Read the story to find out the places where you could earn the most.
Top 10 postmodern buildings under construction
Over the past few years, more and more construction projects around the world have broken new ground. Many of them are well designed, environmentally friendly, multi-functional and very modern.
Top 10 attractions in Taiyuan, China
As the capital or secondary capital of nine different dynasties in ancient China, Taiyuan boasts plentiful historical and cultural sites.
Top 10 super models over 60 years old
In the world of fashion, youth is often regarded as essential for models. However, a number of older stars are still showing their beauty on the catwalks.
Top 10 Internet corporations in China 2015
The Internet Society of China and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the list of the “Top 100 Internet Corporations in China 2015” on July 15. Let's take a look at the top 10 Internet corporations in China 2015.
Top 10 happiest Chinese cites
Eight famous Internet giants in China have jointly released a ranking of the country's happiest cities in the online era.
Top 10 summer resorts in China in August
A new report shows Kunming is the best city in China for people to escape the summer heat.
Top 10 most expensive office markets in the world
Asia continues to dominate the ranking of the world's most expensive prime office markets. Five of the Top 10 are located in the region.
Top 10 most reputable countries in 2015
A country with a good reputation can attract more tourists, improve diplomacy and draw in foreign expertise and talent. Find out which countries enjoy the best reputation in 2015.
Top 10 most profitable companies in China 2015
The latest list of the Fortune China 500 companies has been released, with commercial banks found to be the most profitable.
Top 10 most expensive cities for expats in China
The Mercer Group recently released its 2015 Cost of Living Rankings. Let’s take a look at the top 10 most expensive cities for expats in China.
Top 10 supercomputers in the world 2015
China's Tianhe-2, or Milky Way-2, retained its fifth consecutive crown as the world's most powerful supercomputer.
Top 10 biggest banks in the world
China has three of the world's top five banks, according to The Banker magazine's latest Top 1000 World Banks ranking.
Top 10 Chinese companies 2015
Sinopec has successfully retained its crown in the latest list of the Fortune China 500 companies. See who else made the list.
Top 10 best-designed public toilets in the world
Public toilets are must-visit stops when you are traveling. A well-designed toilet can be a tourist attraction, and even a landmark of a city.
Top 10 most expensive colleges in US
The most expensive colleges in the United States are charging close to $50,000 a year in tuition and fees alone.
Top 10 gay and lesbian celebrities in China
Although there are plenty of homosexual actors and singers in China, most of them are not brave enough to show their sexual orientation publicly.
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