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标题图片 Top 10 renowned Chinese noodles
As an essential staple in Chinese cuisine, noodles can be regarded as a symbol of the country's culture.
标题图片 Top 10 fastest cars in the world
Which is the fastest car in the world? Read the story to find out the answer.
标题图片 Top 10 most innovative universities in Asia
The international news agency Thomson-Reuters has recently published a ranking of the Top 75 Asia's Most Innovative Universities. So, who made the top 10?
标题图片 Top 10 private enterprises in China
The list of the top 500 private enterprises in China was disclosed recently. Read the story to find out the list’s top 10.
标题图片 Top 10 countries for total individual wealth
The United States topped the list of the 10 Countries with the Highest Total Individual Wealth, according to the latest data released by New World Wealth.
标题图片 Top 10 big data companies in China
With rich resources and core technologies, these 10 big data companies provide the best solutions for customers.
标题图片 Top 10 most economically competitive Chinese counties
Kunshan of Jiangsu Province is now the most economically competitive county in China, as indicated in the latest report published by a Chinese think tank.
标题图片 Top 10 cleanest cities in China
A clean and tidy city with high green coverage rate is a beloved place for most people. The following are the top 10 cleanest cities in China.
标题图片 Top 10 countries for visa application of Chinese tourists
Ctrip, China's largest online travel agency, recently released a ranking of visa application based on countries.
标题图片 Top 10 Chinese cities with best investment environment
The urban investment environment, represented by all the supports the city can provide for investors, may help the city attract more investment.
标题图片 Top 10 dairy companies in the world
Yili, the largest dairy producer in China, ranks eighth among the global dairy firms, as indicated by Rabobank Global Dairy Top 20 2016.
标题图片 Top 10 Chinese companies 2016
Sinopec topped the list of the Top 500 Chinese companies again with 2.02 trillion yuan, according to the ranking released by Fortune China recently.
标题图片 Top 10 cities for housing prices growth
China's Shenzhen has become the city with the fastest growing housing prices in the world, as the latest Global Residential Cities Index indicated.
标题图片 Top 10 highest paid celebrities in 2016
Famous American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift topped the latest Celebrity 100 list of the world’s highest-paid entertainers by Forbes with US$170 million.
标题图片 Top 10 profitable industries in China
Take a look at the top 10 profitable industries in China.
标题图片 Top 10 Chinese cities in public services
Shanghai Jiao Tong University has recently released a report, showing people's satisfaction with the public services in local cities.
标题图片 Top 10 green companies in the world
The rankings of the world's largest companies on their overall environmental performance have been published by Newsweek.
标题图片 Top 10 brands in Asia in 2016
Samsung, for the 5th consecutive year, claims the title of Asia's top brand, according to a report jointly published by Campaign Asia-Pacific and Nielsen.
标题图片 Top 10 Chinese cities for foodies
Nanjing topped the 2016 China Foodie Happiness Index put out by the Meituan-Dianping Data Research Institute.
标题图片 Top 20 fabulously wealthy people in ancient China
Travel back to ancient China to discover its most affluent people.
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