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Saudi Arabia arrests princes over corruption charges
Saudi Arabia has arrested 11 princes and 38 sitting and former ministers and deputy ministers over corruption charges.
Abe reelected as prime minister after election victory
Leader of Japan's Liberal Democratic Party Shinzo Abe was reelected as the country's prime minister on Wednesday following the ruling party's sweeping victory in the Oct. 22 lower house election.
Ousted Catalan leader in Brussels
Ousted Catalonian president Carles Puigdemont, as well as five of his advisers, is in Belgium, amidst speculation he could apply for political asylum, local media reported on Monday.
Prosecutor announces legal action against Puigdemont
Barzani steps down as Iraqi Kurdish regional president
The President of the semi-autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan Masoud Barzani on Sunday told a closed-door session of parliament that he was stepping down from his post on Nov. 1, local media reported.
Australian deputy PM disqualified
Australia's Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and four other federal politicians have been disqualified from sitting in the parliament by the High Court on Friday.
Ex US president apologizes over sex assault complaint
George H.W. Bush apologized after an actress accused him of sexually assaulting her 3 years ago.
Trump faces challenges in pushing tax reform
U.S. President Donald Trump is facing challenges in pushing forward a major tax revamp.
Conversations with chief correspondents in Beijing
Mario Schmidt still remembers back in 2015 when he got the assignment as Beijing Bureau Chief of ARD German Television, the whole family discussed and decided to take the chance to get to know more about the country.
BRICS draws up a blueprint for further cooperation
--An interview with Indian Ambassador to China Shri Vijay Gokhale
India views BRICS as an important platform for the exchange of views on the entire spectrum of regional and multilateral issues.
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