Get to know the NPC and CPPCC


What China's 13th Five-Year Plan means for the environment

The best thing about the 13th Five-Year Plan is that it volubly recognizes the role of citizens and of civil society at large in reaching key environmental goals.

Promising messages need more clarity

China's 13th Five-Year Plan has offered promising messages, but certain policies demand further clarification.

How should financial reform serve the real economy?

During the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20) period, China must improve the efficiency of the financial sector in serving the real economy.

Synchronization of new industrial revolution and supply-side reform

A new industrial revolution marked by new technologies, wide access to the Internet, and computerization across all sectors is changing the world.

Hopes outweigh difficulties in China

As China makes economic and social transformations throughout its development in the new normal, hopes outweigh difficulties.

China is a plus, against all odds

China does have reason to escape a hard landing and walk out of muddy roads through deepened reforms and innovation.

Assessing Premier Li's press conference

The word that might best describe the Premier's annual Lianghui press conference is expectations.

Targeted measures help to eliminate poverty

Finally getting rid of poverty in China isn't easy and requires some very fine tuning.

The promise of the 13th Five-Year Plan

The 13th Five-Year Plan seeks a path of growth that is ambitious yet attainable.

Innovation in China: a promising new chapter

If the success of its high speed trains, Shenzhou spacecraft and Taobao e-commerce platform are reliable indicators, China's new chapter in innovation will be truly exciting.

China embraces green growth era with 'greenest' blueprint

Lawmakers passed China's "greenest" Five-Year Plan on Wednesday, underscoring the nation's commitment to green development and ushering in a new age for its growth model.

The Two Sessions: Driving forward the Five-Year Plan

Beijing's annual "Two Sessions" laid the groundwork for the adoption of the 13th Five-Year Plan and its core initiatives.

The global impact of China's continued 'reform and opening up'

China's 13th Five Year Plan sets the framework for both domestic development and interaction in the international community.

Opportunities for all as China pursues eco-friendly growth

China has worked out a greener economic development blueprint for the years up to 2020.

Transformation through structural reform

The 13th Five-Year Plan period is crucial in China's modernization process, as is the year 2020 in terms of transforming its growth pattern.
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