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Policies to assist new graduates in job hunt

The government will adopt policies this year to promote the employment of college graduates.

Global prominence the goal for Chinese soccer

Sporting authorities are planning further development of the world's most popular game to drive economic growth and prepare the way for eventually hosting the FIFA World Cup.

Yunnan to improve cross-border trade, industry

Yunnan province will enhance regional connectivity and develop trade routes along its 4,060-kilometer-long international border over the next five years, according to its top leader.

Broader talent needed for Belt and Road, expert says

A greater reserve of talent with experience and knowledge of the countries touched by the Belt and Road Initiative is needed among Chinese companies, according to Wan Jifei, a political adviser and former chairman of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade.

China sets to win uphill battle against poverty

Few of the over 55 million people living in China's underdeveloped rural areas have any idea of how the ongoing "two sessions" will soon change their lives for the better.

Innovation-driven development benefits China and the world

China is simultaneously dealing with slowing economic growth, difficult structural adjustments, and absorbing the effects of previous economic stimulus policies.

Anshun seeks new balance

Health of the environment must be considered when making decisions about economic growth.

Political advisers call for open-mind on GMO

At this year's two sessions, discussion of Genetically Modified Food has been a heated topic among the country's political advisers.

Treat environment 'as our lifeline', Xi says

Chinese President Xi Jinping called for greater efforts in eco-system protection and poverty relief in the country's ethnic regions Thursday.

Bidding to start on new polar research ship construction

Bidding for construction of China's second polar research ship will start by the end of April and the new vessel will boast stronger icebreaking capabilities, said a senior official with one of the country's largest shipbuilders.

Group raises awareness of sexual abuse

NPC deputy Li Yifei, a high school headmaster in north China’s Inner Mongolia region, has submitted proposals on protection for minors at three consecutive congresses and has seen some progress.

Great strides made in poverty alleviation

While China's economy has experienced eye-catching growth during the last few decades, one of the most notable achievements has been the alleviation of poverty in the country.

Menstrual blood cells needed

A hospital in Zhejiang province is looking for 100 volunteers to donate menstrual blood to a research team studying stem cells, its lead researcher said.

Hukou reform highlighted at the NPC session

China's household registration system - or Hukou - determines where a citizen can access public services such as medical care, education, and pension.

Yunnan: 60 bln yuan for poor families' relocation

Yunnan Province, a kingdom of biodiversity as well as a region with multi-ethnic settlements, is facing serious tasks of poverty alleviation and industrial upgrading. How can Yunnan navigate these challenges?
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