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Digs, Discoveries Developments
Part of Jin Dynasty Great Wall damaged in NE China
619 cultural relics sites discovered in Guangdong
Ancient tomb group discovered in Guangzhou
Layout of Kublai Khan's capital sketched out
Journal of terracotta: revive the royal army
China to excavate cabins on shipwreck 'Nanhai 1'
Rare Yangzhou books gain national recognition
Tourists thrilled as terracotta dig begins 
More terra-cotta warriors to rise from earth
2 tonnes of ancient coins found in Shaanxi
Archaeologists propose Neogene chronology using Chinese standard
Mystery footprints restore warring scene
China to re-excavate Peking Man site
Earliest known carving
Archaeological bonanza
Tomb mural depicts ancient medication
Some 200 pieces of relics excavated in central China
Prehistoric cave homes among top 10 archaeological discoveries
Royal cemetery found in Henan
Ancient palace entrance hall found
'Golden Eyes' finds fortune
Archaeologists try to revive daily life of ancient Chinese capital
Earliest man-made cave houses
Qing Dynasty's mummified corpse discovered in Xinjiang
Shang salt workshop site found in Shandong
Tomb fit for Chu king, archaeologists agree
3000 year-old graves excavated in Fujian
Imperial residence ruins found in Shaanxi
'Sarira' in pagoda
The poisoned palace - mystery of last emperor's death
Site of Qin 'Xing Tai' discovered
Record find of oracle bones in Shaanxi
The officials and their scrolls
Voices from the past
New feathered dinosaur discovered
4000 year old Lantian jade lamp found in Xi'an
Silver coffin discovered
15th century stone carvings found in Tibet
New fossils in cave
Mirror theft: Police offer reward
Damage to historic relics in Xi'an repaired
Ancient bronze mirror stolen from NW China museum
Porcelain-bowl tomb
Yuanmou Clay Forest damaged in earthquake
Mysterious discovery
Ancient tomb reveals its secrets
Mystery unfold: It is Asoka Pagoda
Song Dynasty pillow discovered in Hubei
Supreme Harmony Hall reopened
1400-year-old tomb found in Nanjing
Fresh hope for lost tribe
Dujiangyan starts relics repair
Amateur sleuth solves puzzle of ancient bronzes
Previous home of Zhou Enlai found
China to repair quake-damaged heritages
Chinese expert recovers world's oldest flower and bird
Ruins of ancient capital identified in Chengdu
Human fossil skulls found in Henan
Palace to undergo overhaul
Terracotta warriors to be shown during Beijing Olympics
Massive quake heavily mauls tourist paradise
Terracotta figures suffer slight damage
Mianyang antiques moved to safe place
Sanxingdui Museum set to reopen
China gives Australia fossils as gift
Earthquake damages Chinese national treasures
Sweet music from beyond the tomb
Temples stand the test of time
Chongqing's cultural heritage threatened
Antique Buddhist carving slated for restoration
Ming frescos unearthed
Life at the dock in Grand Canal
Architects urge permanant awning to protect Peking Man site
Ancient Chess found
Tomb find delights experts, grave robbers
Cooperation needed to stop trade in relics
Christianity popular in Tang Dynasty
New dinosaur species identified in Zhejiang
Smallest pterosaur fossil found in China
Ancient skull fills blank for evolutionary theory
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