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Snow plays havoc on traffic

- Heavy snow affects 77 mln people in 14 provinces
- Transport problems set to spur further price rises
- China works to limit snow-related chaos
- Heavy snowfalls close four Shanghai expressways
- Heavy snow kills 24 in China
- China issues red alert for snowstorms
- Snows and stays in China
- Pre-holiday travel peak at standstill
- Death toll, traffic chaos worsen with more snow, sleet
- Prolonged freezing weather leads to train delays
- Power shortage delays 136 passenger trains
- Severe weather alert level raised
- Snow continues to wreak traffic havoc in S. China
- Traffic havoc continues due to snowy weather
- Snow doesn't hinder tourists
- China to suffer more from heavy snow
- New gear to fight slippery snow
- Armed police help fight snow-triggered disasters
- Country road, take me home!
- Heavy snow causes greater damage
- More people affected by heavy snow
- Speeding, icy road blamed for deadly bus crash
- Snow disrupts traffic
- 17 dead, power cut after heavy snow
- Heavy snow wreaks havoc, killing 15
- China issues red alert for snowstorms
- Snow, rain strand 1,000-plus trucks
- Snow causes traffic congestion in central China
- Heavy snow jammed Xinjiang-Tibet Highway
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Defeating Food Scares
China has been confronted with food security problems recently. Mandarin fish from Guangdong Province and turbot from Shandong were found to contain poisonous chemicals. And ducks and hens in Hebei Province were fed a red dye so that their red-yolk eggs would sell for a higher price.

Work Safety
Industrial accidents including blasts, cave-ins, fires and the like pose a threat to many workers. The issue of work safety has drawn nationwide attention and the government requires to do more to curb the situation.

HK | Macao | Taiwan
- HK population raises to 6.9 mln at 2007 end
- Taiwan asks everyone to plant one tree in life
- Cross-Strait charter flights resumed at Guangzhou
- Shanghai quells worries of cross-Straits charter flights cancellation
- Cross-Straits charter flight starts Spring Festival trip
- Beijing slams Taiwan's 'referendum on UN membership'
Military Affairs
News | Photos
- Military forces to help rebuild snow-affected areas
- Snow-hit province buys insurance for soldiers
- Air Force actively engaged in winter disaster relief
- Chinese peacekeepers in Sudan awarded medals
- Disaster prevails as relief effort beefed up
- 306,000 troops mobilized to combat snow disasters
News | Photos
- Meteorologists ill-equipped to forecast bad weather
- Solar eclipse to take place in August
- Smallest pterosaur fossil found in China
- China's unmanned helicopter takes flight
- Solar halo in Beijing
- Chinese exploration ship in Buenos Aires on logistic trip
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