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Clash of the Titans


In terms of plot and character development, Clash of the Titans is, for the most part, very loyal to the original 1981 film. The action scenes were just as enjoyable as the ones in Leterrier's recent Hulk adaptation, the best scene being a pulse-pounding fight with a gang of giant scorpions. Each of the main characters is well-developed and fleshed out, especially Perseus, Io, and Zeus. Ralph Fiennes' Hades almost steals the show, portrayed as a vengeful, scheming villain who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

By Steve

With its pounding score, operatic violence, massive stunts and large scale story from Greek mythology, Clash of the Titans is big, brash and loud as Sam Worthington's heroic demi-god Perseus, the son of Zeus, shows determination and courage to lead a perilous mission against the evil Hades. It's almost as though Sam Worthington has leapt from the back of Avatar's flying dragon to Pegasus the winged black stallion, in this reworking of an ancient tale about salvation and revenge. Worthington reinforces his onscreen presence as a macho hero, even endorsing his Australian nationality with his overt Aussie accent, which is something Russell Crowe aspired to do after Gladiator. Teenage boys will love it, but the rest of us will be frustrated by the storytelling, the shaky camerawork and the dubiously effective 3D presentation, which distracts more than it offers.

By Louise Keller

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