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导演:罗伯特•斯文克(Robert Schwentke)
主演:布鲁斯•威利斯(Bruce Willis)
           摩根•弗里曼(Morgan Freeman)
           海伦•米伦(Helen Mirren)
           约翰•马尔科维奇(John Malkovich)
         (Mary-Louise Parker)
           卡尔•厄本(Karl Urban)



The Story





Ex-CIA agent Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) isn't adjusting well to retirement. He's completely bored, and the only bright spots in his otherwise dull days is when he calls Sarah Ross (Parker), a customer service agent working for his pension office, to complain about his missing retirement check. The missing check is just a ruse as he really wants someone -- preferably female -- to talk to. 前中情局特工弗兰克•摩西(布鲁斯•威利斯 饰)退休后有些适应不良。他感觉生活极其无聊,唯一的乐趣就是给养老金管理办公室的客服莎拉•罗斯(玛丽•露易斯•帕克 饰)打电话,抱怨自己没收到退休金支票。其实这只是一个借口,他就是想和别人说说话——当然,如果那个“别人”是位女士就再理想不过了。
Soon the two are setting up a face-to-face meeting which Frank is absolutely delighted about. But his dream of a nice evening with the friendly Sarah is dashed after his home is riddled with bullets by a squad of hitmen. One thing leads to another and soon he's holding Sarah against her will in attempt to save her life -- which is definitely not anyone's idea of a good first date. 不久之后,两人约定见面。弗兰克满心欢喜,梦想着能与友善的莎拉共度一个美好的夜晚。然而,一伙职业杀手闯进了他的家,房子被子弹打得千疮百孔,他的约会美梦也随之破碎。一连串事件接连发生,很快,为了莎拉的性命着想,弗兰克必须枉顾她本人的意愿带她一起逃亡——这显然不是初次约会的好选择。
So now Frank's forced out of retirement -- not that he minds -- and forced into seeking out his old (as in also retired) buddies from the CIA. Joe (Morgan Freeman) lives in a retirement home and seems to have adjusted relatively well. Victoria (Mirren) looks completely comfortable in her gorgeous home, arranging flowers and carrying on as though she's embraced retirement. But looks are deceiving as she's taking 'odd jobs' on the side that have nothing to do with putting together pretty floral arrangements. And Marvin (John Malkovich) is a loony conspiracy theorist who was given LSD on a daily basis while he was still in the CIA. 于是,弗兰克被迫脱离了平静的退休生活,他本人倒是毫不介意。他不得不去寻找原先在中情局一起工作的老伙计们。他们现在也都退休了:乔(摩根•弗里曼 饰)住在一家养老院里,看上去对现状适应良好。维多利亚(海伦•米伦 饰)貌似正在自己的豪宅中安度晚年,平时插插花,好像真的很享受这种退休生活。然而,眼见未必为实,她私下里还兼职着一些与插花相差甚远的“零工”。马文(约翰•马尔科维奇 饰)当年在中情局工作的时候,每天都被注射迷幻剂,如今成了一个疯疯癫癫的阴谋论者。
Together they must figure out why they're being targeted by killers. And to complicate matters, a rising star in the CIA, William Cooper (Karl Urban, the youngster of the lead cast and the guy who gets to engage in hand-to-hand combat with Willis in one of the film's best action scenes), would like nothing better than to bring in Frank and his reactivated sidekicks. To stop the operation, the team embarks on an impossible, cross-country mission to break into the top-secret CIA headquarters, where they will uncover one of the biggest conspiracies and cover-ups in government history.


(China.org.cn Rebecca 译)

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