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Daily News 2011-01-18

Distrust has seeped into the collective consciousness of Chinese people.

Distrust has seeped into the collective consciousness of Chinese people.
People don't trust anything anymore 怀疑成为国人集体意识
Distrust has seeped into the collective consciousness of Chinese people, Xinhua reports. Here are things they don't trust: the food they eat; the Railway Bureau's ability to solve problems with ticket-buying; doctors who may or may not prescribe unnecessary medicine; and the justice system's ability to be fair in court. Experts say trust is a "matter of life" for a society. They think the government should do something -- perhaps formulate relevant laws and construct a civil society -- to regain people's trust and make them happy. 新华网报道,怀疑一切已成为中国整个人群的集体意识。好多事情他们不再相信:吃饭不相信食品的安全性,出行不相信铁路行业解决买票难的能力,上医院不相信医生没有给自己多开药,打官司不相信司法会保持公正。而专家指出:信任关系到一个社会的生死存亡。政府应当做出点事情,从法制、建立公民社会等多方面努力,才能重构信任,获得幸福。
Police microblog follows porn star 警局微博关注苍井空
The official microblog of the Xigang branch of Dalian Public Security Bureau has attracted a lot of attention since an Internet user revealed that Japanese adult film star Sola Aoi is the only person the microblog is following, the New Express Daily reported. The microblog, which was officially registered by the police station, has 5,000 peers but just three posted messages. An officer said that the account was hijacked, and they are now trying to regain control over it. 据《新快报》报道,自从网友爆料大连市公安局西岗分局的官方微博只关注了日本成人明星苍井空一人以来,该微博引发了很多人的关注。这个由西岗分局注册的微博,共有5000名粉丝,但只发表了3条信息。一名警官表示,他们的帐号被盗,他们如今正试着拿回微博的管理权。
Steve Jobs takes 3rd medical leave 乔布斯三度休病假
Apple CEO Steve Jobs is taking medical leave for the third time since 2004, sending its shares tumbling more than 8 percent as the surprise revived concerns over the long-term future of the company, Reuters reports. Apple did not specify why or for how long Jobs would be absent. "At my request, the board of directors has granted me a medical leave of absence so I can focus on my health," Jobs wrote in an email to staff. "I love Apple so much and hope to be back as soon as I can." Jobs' latest leave comes nearly two years to the date after he took a six-month break to undergo a liver transplant. 据路透社报道,苹果公司首席执行官史蒂夫·乔布斯再次因病休假,为2004年以来第三次。消息一出,苹果公司股价下跌逾8%,人们又开始担心苹果公司的长远发展。苹果公司没有具体说明乔布斯休假的原因及时间。乔布斯在给员工的邮件中写道:“董事会已经同意了我的休假请求,这样我可以把更多精力放到健康上。我非常热爱苹果公司,希望能尽早回来。”两年前,乔布斯接受肝脏移植手术,休假6个月。
Gold rush for wife of ex-president 突总统妻带走1.5吨黄金
The wife of Tunisia's ousted president fled the chaos-stricken country with 1.5 tons of gold worth more than £35 million, the Daily Mail reported. Due to her lavish lifestyle and fondness for designer clothes, Leila Trabelsi is widely despised as the ultimate symbol of corruption and excess. 英国《每日邮报》报道,突尼斯逃亡总统的妻子莱拉·特拉贝尔西带着1.5吨价值3500万英磅的黄金逃离了这个暴乱中的国家。由于其奢侈的生活作风和对名牌服装的迷恋,蕾拉·特拉贝尔西一直被广泛批评,被认为是腐败和过度浪费的终极象征。
Beijing to complete Wi-Fi coverage WIFI年底覆盖全北京
Beijing will complete Wi-Fi coverage within its Fifth Ring Road before the end of this year, the Beijing News reports. "The charge will certainly be very cheap," said He Ning, general manager of China Mobile Beijing. 《新京报》消息,今年年底前,WIFI无线网络将在北京五环以内实现全覆盖。中国移动通信集团北京有限公司总经理何宁昨天说:“收费是十分便宜的。”
J&J recalls 45 million products 强生再爆大规模召回事件
Johnson & Johnson's announced a recall of six Tylenol brand products Friday, CNN reports. More than 45 million products were affected, a spokeswoman for the company said. The recall covers certain lots of Tylenol 8 Hour, Tylenol Arthritis Pain, and Tylenol upper respiratory products, as well as some Benadryl, Sudafed PE and Sinutab products. 据美国有线电视新闻网报道,强生公司上周五宣布召回多种泰诺系列药品。公司发言人表示,此次召回涉及超过4500万个药品,包括8小时泰诺、泰诺关节炎止痛片、 泰诺上呼吸道感染药、可他敏抗过敏药、速达菲PE和派德等产品。
Nicole Kidman welcomes baby girl 妮可·基德曼又添一女
Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman and her country music singer husband Keith Urban announced on Monday the birth of their second child, Faith Margaret, Reuters reported. A surrogate mother gave birth, but Kidman and Urban are the biological parents. "No words can adequately convey the incredible gratitude that we feel for everyone who was so supportive throughout this process, in particular our gestational carrier," the couple said in a statement that listed the birthday as Dec. 28 and birth place as Nashville, Tennessee.



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