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Daily News 2011-01-19

Two teenagers -- who were using a sex doll as a flotation device -- were rescued from the Australian flood waters.

Two teenagers -- who were using a sex doll as a flotation device -- were rescued from the Australian flood waters.
Sex doll helps teens survive flood 性玩偶成救生工具
Two teenagers -- who were using a sex doll as a flotation device -- were rescued from the Australian flood waters, the Daily Telegraph reports. The teens, both 19, clung to a tree after falling off the doll on Victoria's Yarra River. Police advised that the sex toy was not a recognized flotation device. 英国《每日电讯报》报道,在澳大利亚的洪水中,两个青年用一个性玩偶浮水,之后被救起。这两个19岁的青年从性玩偶上滑下来之后攀到了维多利亚州亚拉河上的一棵树上。警察建议性玩偶不是好的救生工具。
Spanish police seize largest cocaine lab 西班牙查获最大毒品工厂
Spain's national police said in a statement Tuesday that police in Madrid seized what they called the "largest and most sophisticated cocaine laboratory" in Europe known to date and arrested 25 people, CNN reports. Anti-drug agents confiscated 300 km of cocaine ready for distribution, 2 million euros in cash, 470 mobile phones, weapons and luxury cars. The investigation started two years ago, and police also seized 50 million euros in goods and financial assets linked to the laboratory, the statement said. The suspects include Spaniards and Colombians. Some of them ran a law firm to give the operation an appearance of legality. 据美国有线电视新闻网报道,西班牙国家警察周二发表声明称,马德里警方查获了迄今为止欧洲“最大、最精密尖端的可卡因实验室”,逮捕了25人。缉毒侦探缴获了300公斤待出售的可卡因、200万欧元现金、470部手机、武器及豪车。声明称,相关调查2年前启动,警方还缴获了与实验室有关的价值5000万欧元的货物和金融资产。嫌疑犯包括西班牙人和哥伦比亚人。他们中的一些人为给毒品生意披上合法外衣开办了一家法律事务所。
Tobacco paid 605 bln yuan in taxes in 2010 烟草行业利税超6千亿元
China's tobacco industry paid 605 billion yuan in taxes last year, up 17% from 2009, Xinhua reports. Also, the industry handed more than 499 billion yuan in profits to the government in 2010, up 21% from the year before, said the head of the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration Jiang Chengkang. 新华社消息,2010年我国烟草行业实现工商利税6050亿元,比去年增长17%。国家烟草专卖局局长姜成康说,2010年烟草系统上缴国家财政4990亿元,比2009年增长21%。
Powerful earthquake shakes Pakistan 巴基斯坦发生7.4级地震
The US Geological Survey reported a powerful 7.4-magnitude earthquake hit southwest Pakistan at 1:23 Wednesday morning, the Daily Telegraph reports. The epicenter was 50 km west of the town of Dalbandin, just 10 km below the surface. There were no immediate reports of casualties. 据英国《每日电讯报》报道,美国地质监测局称,周三凌晨1点23分,巴基斯坦西南部发生7.4级强烈地震,震中位于巴俾路支省达尔本丁镇以西50公里处,震源深度约在地表下10公里。但迄今尚无具体伤亡情况报道。
Sharks are likely color-blind 鲨鱼竟是色盲
Researchers in Australia have discovered a weakness of one of the ocean's most fierce predators. Sharks, it seems, are completely color blind, the BBC reports. The scientists, who examined retinas of 17 different species of shark, discovered the creatures have only one type of color-sensitive cell, known as a cone cell, in their eyes. Human eyes have three cone cell types, with each type dedicated to receiving blue, green or red light. This allows most people to distinguish among different colored objects. The research could help to prevent shark attacks on humans and assist in the development of fishing gear that may reduce the number of sharks caught accidentally in long-line fisheries.



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