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Top 10 romantic hotels in Beijing
If your want to find an ideal place to celebrate an anniversary or express your love, these 10 hotels are your best choice.
Top 10 most expensive attractions in China
Many of China's scenic attractions depend on ticket sales for income. Their charging rates can at times be quite high, sometimes even to the point of unacceptable. Here follow the top 10 most expensive attractions in China.
Top 10 attractions in Gansu, China
Located in the northwest of China, Gansu boasts numerous natural and historical attractions such as the world famous Mogao Grottoes and Yueya Spring.
Top 10 attractions in Hunan, China
Hunan is a fantastic part of China that counts many famous scenic spots. Let’s take a closer look.
Top 10 attractions in Taiwan, China
As the treasure island of China, Taiwan features splendid mountains, tranquil lakes, beautiful beaches, sapphire seas, delicious snacks and fantastic downtown sceneries.
Top 5 places to enjoy fall scenery in China
Autumn is regarded as the most beautiful season of all. So with September upon us, let's look for the most beautiful autumn colors.
Top 10 attractions in Jiangxi, China
Located in southeastern China, Jiangxi boasts a long history, amazing natural beauty and unparalleled porcelain.
Top 10 attractions in Heilongjiang, China
Heilongjiang features the largest alpine barrier lake in China, the largest Eastern Orthodox Church in the Far East, a number of nature reserves, and numerous snow activities during the winter.
Top 10 attractions in Guangdong, China
Featuring an excellent location, pleasant weather and numerous historical and natural scenic spots, Guangdong is a popular travel destination all year round.
Top 10 attractions in Shaanxi, China
Shaanxi, one of the cradles of Chinese civilization, boasts countless world-famous cultural and natural attractions.
Top 10 attractions of Inner Mongolia, China
Located in north China, Inner Mongolia features vast grasslands, numerous lakes and forests as well as abundant folk customs.
Top 10 masterpieces inside the National Museum of China
These ten masterpieces that are on display inside the National Museum of China illustrate the long and proud history of China and its people.
Top 10 attractions in Fujian, China
Fujian Province is famous for its beautiful seaside scenery, rich geological diversity and traditional folk houses.
Top 10 attractions in Henan, China
As one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization, Henan boasts rich cultural heritage as well as unique natural scenery.
Top 10 attractions in Qinghai, China
Named after Qinghai Lake, Qinghai Province features colorful natural landscapes including snow-covered mountains, deserts, vast pastures and sparkling lakes.
Top 10 attractions in Guizhou, China
Guizhou, a mountainous region in southwestern China, features a kaleidoscopic range of attractions, from spectacular natural beauty to diverse ethnic cultures.
Top 10 tips for Westerners traveling in Beijing
Elizabeth Rabe and Kristen McAvoy, two American interns for, wrote their top 10 tips for westerners traveling to China after living in Beijing for 8 weeks.
Top 10 attractions in Jilin, China
Going to Jilin Province for travel? Check out these top 10 attractions!
Top 10 attractions in Hubei,China
Hubei, a province in Central China, boasts a large amount of famous attractions, including the Yellow Crane Tower, the Three Gorges, Wudang Mountain and Shennongjia Scenic Area.
Top 10 domestic destinations for rich Chinese in 2012
The newly-released Chinese Luxury Travel White Paper revealed the most preferred domestic travel cities among Chinese millionaires.
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