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Top 10 friendliest cities in the world
Hospitality and helpfulness make cities friendly, attractive, and more accessible to travelers.
Top 10 holiday resorts for millionaires
For wealthy people, making money is not the only thing on their to-do list. They go on vacations and seek many ways to relax and enjoy life.
Top 10 attractions in Taiyuan, China
As the capital or secondary capital of nine different dynasties in ancient China, Taiyuan boasts plentiful historical and cultural sites.
Top 10 summer resorts in China in August
A new report shows Kunming is the best city in China for people to escape the summer heat.
Top 10 best-designed public toilets in the world
Public toilets are must-visit stops when you are traveling. A well-designed toilet can be a tourist attraction, and even a landmark of a city.
Top 10 travel destinations in the world
Hong Kong is one of the 10 global cities to receive the highest number of travelers in the world.
Top 10 terrifying tourist sites in China
Certain tourist sites from ancient times have been deadly places to visit. Don’t go unless you are fully prepared.
Top 10 least punctual airlines in China
Flight delays often leave passengers frustrated. You may need to be patient if you choose to fly with one of these Chinese airlines.
Top 10 spring flowers to see in Beijing
From tulip to lilac, from white to red, selects the top 10 flowers in Beijing to guide you enjoy the charming floral scenery.
Top 10 worst airports for on-time departures
Eight of the world's top ten worst airports for on-time departures in 2014 were on the Chinese mainland.
Top 10 temples for Spring Festival prayers
Spring Festival is almost here! Come with to find China's top 10 temples to offer prayers for good luck for the coming year.
Top 10 most-visited cities in the world 2014
Hong Kong topped the 2014 Top 100 City Destinations Ranking recently released by Euromonitor International, a London-based market intelligence firm.
Top 10 most influential scenic spots in China 2014
A report released by China Tourism Public Opinion Research Institute at the fourth annual meeting of tourism in China announced China's top ten most influential scenic spots around the world.
Top 8 destinations for Chinese travelers in 2015
Chinese outbound tourists have paid more attention to the quality of travel experiences. A recent survey shows Chinese travelers’ top 8 preferred destinations in 2015.
Top 10 developed tourism cities in China in 2014
Beijing, the current capital and one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China, crowns the list again due to its abundant tourism resources.
Top 10 destinations for your China trip in winter
We have ranked the top 10 winter destinations for your China trip.
Top 10 ice and snow wonderlands in China
Want to try some exciting winter sports at popular tourism destinations with amazing winter scenery? Follow us!
Top 30 most beautiful counties in China
There are numerous counties within China's vast territory. Which ones have the most gorgeous landscapes?
Top 10 attractions in Nanjing, China
Nanjing, one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China, boasts time-honored history, profound culture and stunning scenic spots.
Top 10 most crowded attractions in the world
If you visit the following attractions on holidays, you might find it hard to move because they are packed with visitors.
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