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Top 10 naked hotels in the world
Famous German travel website recently selected its top 10 most welcoming "naked hotels" as favored by travelers.
Top 20 friendliest cities on the planet
If you're planning on traveling, the following 20 cities should definitely be on your destination wish-list.
Top 20 least friendly cities in the world
Which cities in the world do you think are the most unfriendly to you? Compare this list with yours.
Top 25 museums in the United States in 2013
These museums house unique collections of artistic brilliance, the wonders of natural science and historical artifacts from both the US and around the world.
Top 25 landmarks in the United States
Tripadvisor presents to you the top 25 landmarks in US, featuring the most amazing scenery and architecture.
Top 10 world's tourist destinations 2012
Check out the 10 most popular destinations in the world for international travel aficionados.
Top 25 museums in the world in 2013
The Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses are the only Chinese museum on the list of the world's 25 most visited museums favored by travelers, according to Trip Advisor.
Top 10 landmarks in China
Trip Advisor, a famous travel website, listed the 10 most popular Chinese attractions favored by foreigners.
Top 10 private museums in China
The unique collections held by China's private museums enrich the cultural life of the country, filling in the blanks left by the collections held in government-owned museums.
Top 10 amazing swimming pools in the world
Just imagine taking a day off to relax in one of these swimming pools, enjoying the luxury and extreme beauty.
Top 9 horniest countries
Who is rocking the most beds in the world? Check out the list of the horniest countries to find out.
Top 10 attractions in Tianjin, China
Tianjin is a good example of a combination of traditional Chinese and Western features, featuring historic European-style architecture, ancient Chinese cultural streets and beautiful coastline.
Top 10 attractions in Chongqing, China
Chongqing, a municipality in central China, boasts great climate, gorgeous natural scenery and abundant historical sites.
Top 10 attractions in Shanghai, China
Learn about some of the top tourist attractions in Shanghai as well as some that are not so well known.
Top 10 attractions in Liaoning, China
As the only coastal province of northeast China, Liaoning Province boasts a beautiful coastline, the Great Wall on water and a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Top 10 attractions in Hebei, China
With a long history, Hebei is home to some of the best natural and cultural attractions in China.
Top 10 mountainside buildings in the world
Whether you want a romantic experience with a significant other or an exciting adventure with friends, you can't miss these 10 amazing buildings.
Top 10 most dangerous roads in the world
If you feel that highways are too calm, why don’t you test your courage by driving on the most dangerous roads on the globe?
Top 10 flower fields in the world
The following ten flower fields are the most ideal and romantic places for lovers and newlywed couples.
Top 10 endangered attractions in the world
The following attractions may already feature on your must-see list, but do visit them as soon as possible, before they completely disappear.
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