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'The Wandering Earth 2' set for Spring Festival 2023

The sequel to Chinese sci-fi epic "The Wandering Earth" is scheduled to hit Chinese theaters in time for Spring Festival 2023, as officially announced by returning director Frant Gwo on Thursday in Xiamen, Fujian Province during the Golden Rooster Awards.


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  • Alibaba establishes a new film label

    Alibaba Group's film business branch announced during the Golden Rooster Awards that it has established a new imprint to explore original film content in the industry.

  • Zhang Yimou's love letter to film

    China's well-known director Zhang Yimou's latest film "One Second" is a love letter to cinema, which was released nationwide last Friday.

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It's a hard choice to make for elderly people

The elderly peopleusually have three choices-home-based care, seeking help from the community nursing service, or shifting to specialized nursing homes.

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