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School students' artworks show importance of art education
As part of the ongoing Wayhome — Art Jinyang 2022, an exhibition showcasing dozens of works by primary and secondary school students in Jinyang, on show are paintings, pieces of calligraphy and photos in which the minors celebrate the beauty of nature and their hometown, a place surrounded by mountains and waters.
More than a grain of creativity
He Sudan's series of works have been translated into different languages, such as English and French, and have altogether received more than 100 million views.
Art forum promotes inclusiveness in arts and culture
The Fourth UK-China Disability Arts Forum was held on Dec 3, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, to continue promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in arts and culture.
Possibilities of materials explored at contemporary art exhibition
Contemporary art show Material Thinking teams up artists from more than 20 countries and their works.
Turkish artisan introduces Qatari culture through design
Sabri Demirci, an artisan and owner of a silver shop in Istanbul, has recently received an unprecedented demand to design a unique product from a Qatari collector.
Art exhibition shows cultural accumulations of Shanghai
Mutual Learning, an exhibition now on at the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, shows dozens of artworks by the school's teachers.
Rare works of 17th century artists on show
The Long Museum in Shanghai is presenting some of its finest traditional Chinese artworks at the ongoing exhibition titled The Era of Brilliant Stars — Masters from Early Qing Dynasty Painting and Calligraphy.
Chang'an ancient music: Symphony from ancient China
The Chang'an ancient music, also known as Xi'an Guyue, (Xi'an wind and percussion ensemble), originated in the Tang Dynasty.
Qi Baishi's poetic accomplishment discussed at academy's annual meeting
The meeting held online teamed up 29 scholars across the country, investigating on Qi's lifelong interest in poetry, how it influenced his other works and how people can get a glimpse of his life, art and his outlook of the world in those poems.
Olympian Artists program for Paris 2024 kicks off
The Olympian Artists program for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games kicked off as Olympians and Paralympians who like to show their talents on art are invited for it, the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage (OFCH) announced on Monday.
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