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Art & Design
Mask craftsmen keep ancient Nuo Opera alive
Nuo Opera is a traditional drama popular in Xiangdong district of Pingxiang, Jiangxi province, which originates from ancient sacrificial ceremonies.
Chinese designer debuts new collection inspired by art of Dunhuang
Chinese fashion designer Vivienne Hu on Tuesday debuted her Fall/Winter 2018 line inspired by the 1,600-year-old Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes in northwest China, at the ongoing New York Fashion Week (NYFW).
English couplets new way to mark Spring Festival
English language couplets have become a new and stylish way among Chinese young people to celebrate the upcoming Spring Festival.
TV show viewers pick treasures for museum display
Beijing's Palace Museum unveiled a unique exhibition on Monday - one without any artifacts.
Photo exhibition in Pakistan celebrates Chinese New Year
Ahead of the Chinese New Year, a photo exhibition entitled "China Stories" opened in Pakistan on Feb. 5, featuring numerous Chinese folk arts to the delight of local visitors.
'Happy Chinese New Year' activities staged around the world
The"Happy Chinese New Year"celebrations, one of China's largest cultural exchange activities at the international level, havebeen staged in a great number of countries such as Britain, Germany, Hungary, Turkey, Nepal, Laos and Rwanda.
Cultures of China tour begins in Hong Kong
Art troupes, organized by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, staged a variety of performances at the Hong Kong Coliseum over Feb 4-5.
Exhibition of Shanghai style cheongsams kicks off in Paris
An exhibition titled "The Centennial Exhibition of Shanghai Style Cheongsams" kicked off at the China Culture Center in Paris on Feb. 8.
4,000-yr-old characters found on pottery piece
Archaeologists have found 4,000-year-old characters, even older than the oracle bones scripts, in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.
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