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Graffiti works win a wider audience
People taking a stroll along-side the canal in Beijing may be surprised to come across graffiti written in Roman script adorning some walls.
Fashion pop-up featuring Chinese labels to open in NYC
Some 20 Chinese fashion brands and labels will be assembled to display at the upcoming China Chic Pop-up, which is scheduled to kick off on Friday in a New York City landmark to celebrate China's booming fashion industry.
Catch Mona Lisa's gaze at hi-tech Da Vinci exhibition in Beijing
Using digital scanning and printing technologies, an exhibition now brings high-definition, full-sized replicas of 17 masterpieces by Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci to Beijing.
Ancient creatures get new life
Zhao Chuang, 34, is a Beijing-based science artist who is mainly engaged in creating images of creatures such as dinosaurs. It is a work combining science and art.
Chinese legendary pianist Wu Yili dies at 89
Wu Yili, the first generation pianist in China, died at 89 on Saturday in Singapore. Wu, as one of the world's oldest pianists, was an icon among China's music lovers.
Traditional Chinese paintings, with a modern twist
In a reproduction of a classical painting featuring garden scenery, Ahai introduces playing cards onto a stool with a mother-of-pearl inlay.
Sino-French festival focuses on female artists this year
The 2019 Croisements Festival recently announced its repertoire, featuring 50 cultural events from April 26 to July 6 across 35 cities in China.
Egypt unveils restored 60-ton Ramses II statue at Luxor Temple
Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities unveiled on Thursday evening a 60-ton statue of ancient Egyptian King Ramses II at the Luxor Temple after its restoration and re-erection on the Nile River's east bank in the southern province of Luxor.
China Art Festival set for May in Shanghai
The 12th edition of the China Art Festival, the country's top-level, comprehensive cultural and artistic event, is set to be held from May 20 to June 2 in Shanghai, organizers of the festival announced Thursday.
Master class in oil painting
An ongoing exhibition of the works of Jin Shangyi showcases his prodigious talent at the National Art Museum of China in Beijing.
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