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UN to issue stamp sheet for Chinese Lunar New Year
The United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) will issue a special-event stamp sheet to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year.
US Postal Service to issue Year of the Ox stamps
The United States Postal Service (USPS) will issue a special set of stamps to commemorate the Year of the Ox in the Chinese lunar calendar, which will begin on February 12.
The Major Cold solar term: The last leg to the Chinese New Year
Major Cold is the last of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms. Like Lesser Cold, it is also a solar term indicating the coldness of the weather.
Folk art exhibition in Beijing offers festive air
The Yan Huang Art Museum is showing its collection of folk art objects, including embroidered textile pieces made by housewives, paper-cuttings by prominent folk artists and woodblock Spring Festival paintings produced at time-honored studios across the nation.
Seven decades take center stage
The National Academy of Chinese Theater Arts marks its 70th anniversary with a new exhibition at the National Museum of China.
International Fiber Art Biennale opens online
The 11th From Lausanne to Beijing International Fiber Art Biennale opened online ( on Jan 16.
As storied as it is luxurious
A new exhibition at the Shanghai History Museum tells of the storied past of silk, a fabric which first emerged in China 5,000 years ago, and how this coveted material made its journey to the West along the Silk Road.
Brazilian duo debuts their art in China
The exhibition, You Are My Guest, is the first by Osgemeos in China and features a wide range of artworks.
Artist offers hope in war-ravaged country
Instead of visualizing the pains of war and destruction, the artist's paintings offer a rare serene beauty, which she hopes will console the people who have been caught up in the bloody war.
Ancient murals restored in labor of love
In 2014, after the tomb of senior Tang Dynasty official Han Xiu was unearthed in the Chang'an district of Xi'an, Yang Wenzong and his colleagues spent three months painstakingly dipping cotton swabs in ionized water to clean dirt from the surface of murals found at the site.
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