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Art & Design
Traditional Chinese garment makes stylish comeback
Mamianqun becomes trendy among younger generations as modern iterations reflect self-expression.
Master craftsman dedicates life to revitalizing skill
Shen Guoxing is the sixth generation of Shanghai jewelry company Lao Feng Xiang to carry on its gold-and silver-processing craft, and has spent more than half his life revitalizing the special skill.
Digital museum brings prehistoric animals back to 'life'
Upon entering the Daqing Museum in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, tourists are immediately awed by the sight of gigantic mammoth skeletons standing prominently in the exhibition hall, their majesty and grandeur enhanced by thunder sound effects.
Weaving new life into an ancient brocade craft
Sitting on the floor, Liu Xianglan holds the traditional hand-loom in position. With the aid of long sticks, she begins weaving, passing colorful threads back and forth to create the delicate patterns of the Li brocade.
Museum gives glimpse into distant past
Highlighting a selection of objects acquired in the past two years that exemplify the National Natural History Museum's collecting vision and strategies, A Symphony of Nature — An Exhibition on Selected Collection Accessioned in 2022 and 2023 kicked off on June 5 at the museum in Beijing.
Interpreting art in a different light
"One must try to forget what one has already learned, and open up fully to new (artistic) influences and techniques, in order to come up with works that appeal to the cultural sensibilities of his new audience," wrote French Jesuit painter and missionary Jean Denis Attiret (1702-1768) in his diary during his stay in Beijing, which lasted from 1739 until his death in 1768 at the age of 66.
Framing a portrait of innovation
Suzhou exhibition focuses on art during Ming and Qing dynasties.
Historical temple hosts painter's solo show
Titled "When the Cloud Rises," the exhibition showcases Zheng Qinyan's mastery in landscape painting and depictions of flora and fauna, offering viewers a glimpse into the harmonious coexistence of life within nature while evoking a tranquil ambiance conducive to contemplation and meditation.
A vision of art directed to the past, present and future
Currently showcased at the Tsinghua University Art Museum, the Seeing and Being Seen exhibition offers audiences a profound exploration of art that delves into alternative perspectives on the relationships between individuals and history, nature, and tradition.
Palace of Versailles reopens after fire alert
The Palace of Versailles reopened after a fire alert caused a temporary evacuation Tuesday afternoon.
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