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Beijing issues rules for movie theaters to resume business
Filmgoers will have to space themselves in seating and register to purchase tickets in the initial stage of business resumption for the film industry.
Hit TV series examines China's manufacturing achievements
With an appealing perspective reflecting China's latest achievements in the manufacturing industry, the TV series Fenjin de Xuanlvy (The Inspirational Melody) has recently made a splash since it began its run on CCTV-1, the flagship channel of China Central Television, on Feb 10.
70th Berlin film fest opens amid shootings, diversity row
70th Berlin film festival opens in Berlin Thursday, with Helen Mirren and Hillary Clinton among those expected on the red carpet, even as a deadly shooting and diversity row threatened to mar festivities.
Youku signs deal to expand its BBC content
Youku has recently signed a deal to expand its licensed BBC content to 430 hours.
Japanese actor looks forward to cherry blossoms in Wuhan
As a Japanese citizen, Yano Koji, 46, has seen cherry blossoms numerous times in his home country. But now what he longs to see are the cherry blossoms in Wuhan, central China.
'Mulan' becomes Disney's first PG-13 live-action remake
The upcoming epic fantasy war drama film "Mulan" has become Disney's first live-action remake of animated classics to be given a PG-13 rating in the United States.
Hollywood's 2020 awards season shows latest trends
There's nothing like the Hollywood awards season to shine a magnifying glass on the latest trends and shifts in Hollywood's hierarchy and dynamics.
Chinese film charms Nepali movie enthusiasts
The third edition of the Nepal International Film Festival kicked off on Thursday with the screening of a popular Chinese movie "The Composer."
Epidemic-related TV programs gain in popularity
Data shows the ratings of TV programs related to epidemic prevention and control have continued to rise while news programs have seen the biggest gains.
Egypt's Aswan int'l women film gala screens over 50 films to advocate women's issues
​Aswan International Women Film Festival (AIWFF) focuses on women's issues and seeks to emphasize women's role via the cinema industry, said Egyptian screenwriter Mohamed Abdel-Khalek.
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