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China officially the world's biggest film market
The day has finally arrived when China is the world's No.1 film market, surpassing the box office total of North America for 2020.
New war film spotlights Chinese People's Volunteers

The Sacrifice, a new war film co-directed by Guan Hu, the helmsman of this year's blockbuster war epic The Eight Hundred, is set to hit theaters on Friday.

Korean War next theme of Chinese film industry
Distributors of four Korean War films made a joint announcement on Friday to mark the upcoming 70th anniversary of the Chinese People's Volunteers (CPV) army entering the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) to help in the war to resist U.S. aggression.
Winners of the 4th Pingyao Intl. Film Festival revealed
The winners of the 4th Pingyao International Film Festival were revealed on Friday in Pingyao, an ancient city in north China's Shanxi Province.
Epic TV series 'Glory and Dream' to celebrate CPC centennial
An ambitious TV series made to celebrate CPC centennial will hit China's households next year.
China-Kazakhstan co-produced documentary aired on Kazakh TV
​The 12-episode documentary "Salem Kazakhstan" or "Hello Kazakhstan," which focuses on China-Kazakhstan economic cooperation, has been aired on Kazakhstan's Atameken Business TV channel since Oct. 9.
Silk Road film festival selects 17 recommended movies
An international film festival focusing on Silk Road cultural collaboration published a list of 17 recommended movies on Friday.
Chicago Int'l Film Festival kicks off at drive-in theater
The world premiere of a documentary film kicks off the 56th Chicago International Film Festival (CIFF) at a drive-in theater in the south side of Chicago on Wednesday evening.
China to air TV program on Palace Museum
The third season of a TV program on the Palace Museum will start airing on Oct. 24, according to the museum Thursday.
Hard-working Zhang Yimou has more surprises in the bag
China's best-known director Zhang Yimou has three films ready to go and one film in the making, making him one of the most hard-working, efficient and prolific filmmakers in China.
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