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Nolan: 'Dunkirk' a great survival, suspense story
At the premiere held in Beijing on Monday, Director Christopher Nolan said he doesn't consider his new film "Dunkirk" to be a war film, rather it should be considered a suspense story.
Best-selling writer accused of sexual harassment
Guo Jingming, one of the best-selling young writers in China has recently found himself embroiled in charges of sexual harassment. The accuser, Li Feng, is Guo's peer who is alsoquite well known in literary circles.
Korean Cinema Retrospective: The legendary star, Shin Seong-il
The 22nd Busan International Film Festival Korean Cinema Retrospective spotlights actor Shin Seong-il, the legendary star of Korean film history.
Golden Roosters set to crow
The 26th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival will be staged in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, from Sept 13 to 16.
'Wolf Warrior 2' tops Chinese box office for 4th week
Chinese action film "Wolf Warrior 2" continued to dominate the Chinese film market in the week ending Aug. 20, grossing 559 million yuan (84 million U.S. dollars), China Film News reported Monday.
Uganda thanks China for promoting local movie industry
A senior Ugandan official on Friday praised China for helping the east African country develop its movie industry.
Blockbuster joins ranks of 100 top films
Box Office Mojo said Wolf Warriors 2 had grossed $682.1 million worldwide, nearly all of it in Chinese cinemas.
Documentary on adolescents to air on state broadcaster
A five-episode documentary about Chinese adolescents will air on China Central Television's documentary channel Sunday.
Chinese TV series 'Princess Agents' wins popularity overseas
Chinese TV series "Princess Agents" has set a record for YouTube views -- at over 230 million -- making it the most-watched Chinese TV drama internationally.
Chinese documentary 'Mrs. Fang' wins top prize at Locarno
"Mrs. Fang," Chinese director Wang Bing's documentary scooped the top "Golden Leopard" prize at the Locarno film festival in Switzerland on Saturday.
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