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ROK film highlights anti-THAAD residents loving homeland
Feature: Documentary film highlights S. Korea's anti-THAAD residents loving homeland
Coming-of-age film courts young viewers
The coming-of-age action drama Fist & Faith recently released a seven-minute trailer — much longer than most of its counterparts — to lure Chinese youth, the country's major moviegoers.
Online platforms boost cross-Straits cooperation
Microfilms, the internet and new media offer new opportunities for cross-Straits cooperation in the film and television sectors, experts say.
Indian child actor promotes new movie
When smiling 8-year-old Indian actor Sunny Pawar says xiaxia nong ("thank you" in Shanghai dialect), it strikes a chord.
Audiences not to blame for poor films
Director Feng Xiaogang suggested the box office success of poorly made films has something to do with their "rubbish" audiences.
Ning Hao, Xu Zheng join hands for new film
Three years after Ning Hao and Xu Zheng made "Breakup Buddies," the two filmmakers have teamed up again for a new comedy.
'The Mummy' continues to lead Chinese box office
Universal's fantasy movie "The Mummy" topped the Chinese box office with an estimated 199 million yuan (29.2 million U.S. dollars) in the week ending June 18.
Shanghai hosts Venice Film Festival's Asia-Pacific unit
The first Asia-Pacific art unit of the Venice Film Festival started selection on Sunday in east China's Shanghai.
Hong Kong auteurs ready to roll on coproductions
Collaborations with the Chinese mainland are all the rage in the city's movie industry, whose comedy and action brands are drawing audiences on both sides of the border.
Love of Chinese films, TV series motivates Vietnam youngsters to learn Chinese
Wearing pajamas and lying on her bed at her home in Vietnam's capital Hanoi, 19-year-old Nguyen Nhu Van wasn't planning to sleep anytime soon on Wednesday, despite it being midnight.
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