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Never too young for opera
Children learning Peking Opera at Yuyinshe in Shanghai presented their first public performance during the weekend on Dec 4.
Story behind ballet on shoulder
Wei Baohua, 51, and Wu Zhengdan, 41, are the originators of the ballet on-shoulder acrobatic performance in China. They have performed together for 30 years.
A show where nature takes the lead role
The show, lasting for about 70 minutes, consists of five parts — nature, inheritance, harvest, coexistence and gratitude.
Ballet production sees the light
Sanghai Ballet premiered an original production Follow the Light at the Shanghai International Dance Center on Sunday.
Forum explores theater exchanges
Theater director Luo Jinlin told of his family's special connection with Greece at a recent forum in Beijing on theater arts in China and Greece.
China's top opera houses come together for Tosca
The upcoming opera Tosca marks one of the first productions of its kind in China, being the joint effort of three separate institutions.
Small stage, big show
Four decades have passed since audiences saw a close-up style of theater production.
Theater play reveals ancient folk arts and lifestyle
A Chinese play, Two Capitals, Fifteen Days (2022), was staged at Tianqiao Performing Arts Center in Beijing from Nov 4 to 6.
Lao She Theater opens in Beijing
A new theater, named after the late Chinese writer Lao She (1899-1966), was launched by Beijing Federation of Literary & Art Circles on Nov 5.
Kunqu Opera wins global award
Kunqu Opera, one of the oldest traditional Chinese art forms, has been recognized by the 2022 Global Art Promotion Award.
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