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The Moon Grass appears once again in Beijing
The Moon Grass, an original children's play by the China National Theater for Children, is being staged from September 15 to 24 in Beijing.
Havana ballet fest to feature acclaimed US dancers
Stars from several U.S. dance companies will take part in a gala performance at the upcoming Havana International Ballet Festival, organizers said on Wednesday.
Renowned artist committed to both old and new material
Yuan Huiqin can still recall the day she enrolled to study Peking Opera in her hometown of Yichang, Hubei province, when she was 10 years old.
Final curtain falls for classic storyteller
It is an art form that belongs uniquely to the Chinese. It's like Chinese people eating with chopsticks.
Beijing dance troupe stages ballet in Athens
Artists from Beijing Dance Theater gave a performance in Athens on Sept 9, introducing Chinese contemporary ballet to an audience of Greek and Chinese expatriates who share a love of art.
Chinese artists to perform dance with digital technology in New York
​Two young Chinese artists will share with New Yorkers on Sunday their experimental dance performance and showcase the beauty of the cross-border cooperation between contemporary visual art and performing art.
China builds first museum on Tibetan opera
Construction of China's first museum on Tibetan opera has started in Lhasa, capital of Tibet Autonomous Region.
Paris Hilton gives thumbs up to Chinese 'Jasmine' show
Media darling Paris Hilton gave thumbs up to Chinese fashion brand Jasmine, which was presented during the New York Fashion Week.
Exhibition highlights Chinese ballet in Paris
A ballet-themed photo exhibition underway at the China Cultural Center in Paris highlights the development of Chinese ballet.
Chinese contemporary ballet introduced to Greece
Artists gave a superb performance in an Athens theater on Sunday evening, introducing Chinese contemporary ballet to an audience of Greek and Chinese expatriates.
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