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Cirque du Soleil to have comeback show on June 3
Cirque du Soleil's X: The Land of Fantasy, a resident show in Hangzhou, the capital city of East China's Zhejiang province, will be the first production by the Canadian circus company to resume performances on June 3.
Theater-loving kids to celebrate Children's Day online
China's top theaters for children are joining hands to present various children's plays on several television and internet platforms ahead of the International Children's Day, which falls on June 1.
Wuhan acrobatic troupe resumes performance online
A renowned Chinese acrobatic troupe in Wuhan staged its first performance since the novel coronavirus outbreak on Wednesday.
Actor proposes to save theater business after pandemic
Chinese actor Feng Yuanzheng brought up a new proposal at this year's session of China's top advisory body, hoping to save the theater industry from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Cirque du Soleil to reopen its resident show in China
The Shanghai office of the Canadian entertainment company Cirque du Soleil announced Tuesday that it will reopen its resident show.
Theater history comes alive with livestreaming
Well-known actors and directors from Beijing People's Art Theater swapped roles and became tour guides, introducing the history of the theater to the public.
Save local opera classics with digital technology
Liu Lisha has proposed using digital and mobile technologies to save vanishing local opera masterworks created by older generations of artists.
Seeking fortune in Tibetan opera masks
Tibetan opera combines talking, singing, acting, dancing and literature, and has a history of over 600 years. It is regarded as a "living fossil" of Tibetan culture.
Cultural revenue stream
In a bid to beat the effects of the pandemic, two Chinese theater institutions have teamed up with streaming platform Youku to premiere their first online musical.
Albania's National Theatre demolished despite protest
The National Theatre of Albania was demolished on Sunday despite resistance from a group of artists and activists, local media reported.
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