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Red-themed performances show colorful allure
Twelve theater shows featuring the Chinese revolution will be presented from February to April in celebration of the centennial of the founding of the Communist Party of China.
Tuning in to history
Zheng dedicated himself to the research of music and dance in relation to the Mogao Caves, but he also took on a special project-transforming the painted musical instruments, portrayed in the murals, into real ones.
Quartet strikes a note for music brilliance
Beethoven's String Quartet No 8 in E Minor was performed at the Shanghai Symphony Hall by four women musicians.
Plucking the trend
Festival's online gambit pays off as more students tune in to master musical instruments like pipa and the harp.
Wuhan gets back on its musical feet
In addition to the indie music scene's revival, classical music fans in Wuhan are returning to concert halls.
Beijing Chinese Orchestra to perform at NCPA
The Beijing Chinese Orchestra will perform at the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) on Feb. 26 and 27 to celebrate the traditional Lantern Festival with Chinese folk music.
Chinese New Year Concert held in Australia
To celebrate the most important festival for the Chinese people, a Chinese New Year Concert showcasing the eastern and western cultures was held on Saturday by the School of Chinese Music and Arts in Adelaide Festival Center's Dunstan Playhouse in South Australia.
Beijing's live-music revival
Despite COVID-19 shuttering live music venues throughout the world, the music community in Beijing has managed to stay busy thanks to China's epidemic prevention and control policies.
Concerts to be livestreamed abroad for holiday
Four concerts will be livestreamed to the countries of Greece, Ireland, Finland and Estonia to welcome Chinese Spring Festival.
Ancient work gets in tune with modern times
Titled Music and the Book of Songs, the album was released on Jan 18, featuring 10 original songs composed by Ma Jiuyue.
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