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​'We Sing for You' performed for Rehabilitation International's centennial
"We Sing for You" was performed with a sense of history and a blend of global cultures for RI's centennial.
Tourists, music lovers find treasures in Asia's longest cave
Amid the heat of summer, Asia's longest cave, with its pleasantly cool temperatures and awesome acoustics, has become a top choice for music lovers, not to mention thousands of adventure-seeking tourists.
Classical renewal in the air
World-renowned conductor Adam Fischer is visiting China for the first time, performing with the Wiener Symphoniker in a tour of China.
Vienna Symphony Orchestra returns to China
The world-renowned Vienna Symphony Orchestra kicked off its China tour on Monday night with a three-day performance at the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA) in Beijing.
Montreux Jazz Festival readies to return to China
The iconic Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland is bracing for its 57th edition this summer, aiming to promote the next generation of musicians and preparing the stage for its second event in China in the autumn.
Plucking at the strings of the nation's heart
In this installment, we discover why guqin, a musical instrument with a history spanning three millennia, still strikes a chord with Chinese music lovers.
Students strike a chord with the past
On May 18, the piece was performed by a newly formed orchestra of about 50 students from the Tianjin Juilliard Orchestra and 43 students from 14 music schools.
​Forum explores how to make use of AI in music business
A recent forum held in Beijing is looking for ways to explore the use and legal challenges of using artificial intelligence (AI) in the music business.
Sound of the past, note for the future
​Often accompanying the guqin, a zither-like seven-stringed traditional musical instrument, the xiao, a traditional vertical bamboo flute with a relatively light sound, was often viewed as a foil.
China's music industry sees apparent recovery
The total size of China's music industry in 2021 exceeded 378 billion yuan ($53.79 billion), representing year-on-year growth of over 8 percent and recovering to the same level of that in 2019, according to a report released during the 8th Music Industry Forum 2023, which was co-initiated by the Communication University of China and was held on May 19 in Beijing.
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