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TV drama tells stories of youngsters in big cities
An iconic figure in China's television industry, director Zhao Baogang, has returned to tell inspirational stories of youngsters in big cities.
Crosstalk performer's debut film revives school memories for viewers
Crosstalk performer Yu Qian is showing that he can be more than a comedian in the new film Song of Youth.
Music still orchestrates US-China ties 46 years on
The Philadelphia Orchestra was at the vanguard, making history with their pioneering trip to China in 1973.
Books on Chinese classics boom in 2018
China saw a surge in the sales of books on the Chinese classics last year, especially those designed for children.
Chinese martial arts tournament attracts hundreds
The 27th annual Chinese Martial Arts Tournament (CMAT 27) was held at the University of California, Berkeley (UCB) Sunday, attracting hundreds of Chinese Kung Fu fans from across the United States and Canada.
'Treasures of Earth' exhibition opens in Sofia
The first "Treasures of the Earth" exhibition showcasing the relationship between natural and cultural heritage opened here on Monday.
Buried Viking ship found in southern Norway
A buried ship that is assumed to come from the Viking age has been found in southern Norway, public broadcaster NRK reported Monday.
China uses drones to protect ancient grottoes
In an effort to better protect ancient relics remotely located in deep mountains and forests, experts are turning to drones for assistance.
Sephora presents new global beauty trends
The global beauty retailer Sephora held a runway show in Shanghai Thursday to showcase its new collection and new products from affiliated brands on their platform.
Chinese community excited about Windhoek cultural festival
Chinese community residing in Namibia said they are willing to be part of the upcoming 2019 Windhoek Annual Cultural Festival.
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