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Sci-fi insiders advocate adapting Wang Jinkang's works to screen
A forum held on Wednesday in Beijing focused on how to transform sci-fi author Wang Jinkang's works into popular feature films and other formats.
Award-winning movie highlights childhood friendship
Poetry of Kids, which won an honor at the 33rd Golden Rooster Awards' Pitch Projects, recently held a special screening and gathered industry insiders and experts to discuss children's movies — a niche genre in China's booming film industry.
Dragon boat festival boosts exchanges between Australian, Chinese cities
The first Darwin International Dragon Boat Festival opened in Darwin on Sunday, promoting sports and cultural exchanges between Australian and Chinese cities.
1700-year-old statue of Pan uncovered in Türkiye's Istanbul
An ancient statue of the Greek god Pan was discovered in urban Istanbul, the mayor of the mega Turkish city announced Thursday.
New Spider-Verse film leads China's box office chart
American animation "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse" continued to lead the Chinese mainland box office on Sunday, China Movie Data Information Network showed.
Martial arts aerobics booming on NW China campuses
Teachers and students line up for martial arts aerobics every morning during break, gradually becoming one of the favorite sports on campus.
Rare books on Tibetan epic published in China
Two new books on the Epic of King Gesar have been published as part of efforts to preserve the 1,000-year-old Tibetan epic, according to a research center in northwest China's Qinghai Province.
Classical renewal in the air
World-renowned conductor Adam Fischer is visiting China for the first time, performing with the Wiener Symphoniker in a tour of China.
Ceramic pillow awakens dance drama
The porcelain pillow has become the theme of a homonymous dance drama production that will be premiered in 2024.
A glimpse into China's cultural 'seed banks'
A grand project is underway to collect all sorts of printed and digital works that carry the imprint of the Chinese civilization for preservation and inheritance purposes.
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