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Literary works key to thriving sci-fi industry
According to the 2024 China Science Fiction Industry Report, the domestic science fiction industry generated revenue of 113.29 billion yuan in 2023, growing 29.1 percent year-on-year.
Diversity of books treasure trove to cherish
Technology is having a big influence on not only people's reading habits but also the book industry.
Specific law needed to regulate museum operation
While scenic spots and historical sites usually provide us with impressions of a place, museums offer us an in-depth understanding of the local history, culture and lifestyle.
Logic simplified, but original question forgotten
Season 1 of "The Three-Body Problem," eight episodes of which were released on Netflix on Tuesday, has caused quite a stir on social media.
Deepening mutual learning between Chinese and other civilizations
The understanding of the modernization of China and the promotion of exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations is crucial.
GCI a leading advocate for cultural exchanges
In our increasingly intertwined world, cultural exchanges help broaden our vision and enrich our perspective by exposing us to different traditions, values, beliefs.
Enduring tales with contrasting characteristics
We will enter the Year of the Dragon. Or should that be the Year of the Loong? That is a question that has been a subject for debate in China, as some say there is a difference between the two in Chinese and Western mythology.
Cultural industry can better tell China story
In recent years, with rapid economic development and increasing trade and people-to-people exchanges, Chinese culture has caught the imagination of people in Western countries.
Cultural exchanges will bring youths across Strait closer
Streaming platforms such as iQIYI and Tencent Video owe their rapid rise over the past decade to the confluence of factors such as urbanization, a booming cultural industry and mobile internet.
Chinese New Year: Conveying a message of unity and hope
Amidst global turmoil and uncertainty, the spirit of the Dragon calls upon nations to set aside differences and work together toward common goals.
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