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The global debate over returning ancient artifacts
Museums around the world need to thoughtfully balance displaying global cultures with respecting valid requests to return artifacts to their countries of origin.
Japan needs to listen to these culture activists
The Chinese Cultural Relics Return Movement Promotion Association, a Japanese organization that has for years been pushing for the return of cultural relics that Japan looted from China, gathered in Tokyo on Saturday.
Taylor Swift's lesson to creatives
The love Taylor Swift expresses toward her fans and toward her music offers a lesson for creatives in any medium and any genre.
Keep your job, but find time to write your story
Rather than being a full-time novelist, Hai Ya treats writing as a part-time activity to be taken up whenever he is not doing his bread-winning job, something that should inspire more writers.
Shanghai shows ticket scalping can be eradicated
Ticket scalping is regarded as a cancer in the entertainment industry, ruining the atmosphere in the cultural market and discouraging even interested people from attending a concert.
Better tours, happier holiday
As people's confidence in the tourism industry grows, industry stakeholders should analyze the reasons for market resurgence, and find ways to keep attracting more and more visitors.
Experts mull a better future with help of AI
Experts told that they believe artificial intelligence technology will serve as an assistant to human beings in creating a better, more effective, and efficient future across a range of industries.
Oppenheimer's story is a cautionary tale
The film, "Oppenheimer," by Christopher Nolan, as both scriptwriter and director, tells the story of the complex life of Julius Robert Oppenheimer, known as the "father of the atomic bomb".
What ails vocational education?
Vocational education remains underappreciated, with, contrary to expectations, few college graduates turning to vocational institutions for acquire additional skills.
Russia increases tourism and cultural cooperation with China
Beijing and Moscow have enhanced business and tourism cooperation after the pandemic.
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