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A Portuguese publisher's decades-long passion for Chinese culture
​From the Confucianism classic Four Books, poems by renowned Chinese poets like Li Bai and Tao Yuanming, to the Chinese painting masterpieces, a group of Portuguese literati living in Macao have dived deep into the Chinese culture and worked to present its essence to the Portuguese-speaking public.
An epic tale worth telling
The Epic of Manas is folk literature with significant art value, combining the acts of speaking, reciting and singing to express historical events.
Ancient Chinese poems still resonate in modern world
Revisiting ancient Chinese poems not only brings aesthetic pleasure, but sharpens people's awareness of problems facing the modern-day world as well, British writer Tim Clissold, author of the critically acclaimed Mr. China, told Xinhua in a recent interview.
China, Mongolia to jointly translate classics in next 5 yrs
​China and Mongolia signed a memorandum to jointly translate and publish 50 classic books from both countries in the coming five years, to provide more excellent cultural products for the two peoples.
Chinese translation of Bill Gates' new book comes out
However, people can learn a lesson from the COVID-19 pandemic, Gates writes in his new book, How to Prevent the Next Pandemic.
Victor Hugo and his Chinese Lounge
​Victor Hugo is well known around the world for his novels, but a simple visit to the famous French writer's Paris apartment would allow his fans to discover some of his other sides: a photographer, painter, and decorator with a taste for Chinese culture.
A new book series about ancient China released
A new book series covers various topics about historical evolution, country governance and cultural development in ancient China.
Map provides fuller picture of ancient character Yu the Great
With the publication of a map and its accompanying materials, a fuller picture of Dayu's achievements is available.
Annual book festival opens in Moscow
A man selects books at the annual book festival on the Red Square in Moscow, Russia, on June 3, 2022.
History's hidden figures
New book uncovers aspects of the Chinese revolution, and the contribution of key people involved.
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