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New exhibitions on display at CAFA Art Museum
The recently reopened CAFA Art Museum in Beijing presents the "Great Virtue and Achievements" memorial exhibition, an encryption art exhibition, and various other displays for visitors to explore.
Sci-fi thriller 'M3GAN' brings techno-horror to Chinese screens
Science fiction horror film "M3GAN" hit Chinese movie theaters on Friday, following a thrilling premiere held in Beijing on Tuesday.
High-energy 'Shazam!' sequel debuts in China
Superhero film "Shazam! Fury of the Gods," which is packed with intense action scenes and playful teenage fun, hit Chinese cinemas on Friday.
Tencent Video promotes high-quality Chinese content to global audiences
Tencent Video promoted its diverse TV offerings, including the high-profile TV series "Three-Body," at the recently opened Hong Kong International Film and TV Market and promised to help more Chinese content reach global audiences.
Michelle Yeoh wins as best actress, makes Oscar history
Michelle Yeoh, an iconic name in Chinese cinema, made history on Sunday night by becoming the first Asian woman to win the Academy Award for best actress.
Legislators, advisors brainstorm rural cultural revitalization
China's national legislators and political advisors who attended this year's "two sessions" have proposed cultural approaches to rural revitalization.
NPC deputy proposes boosting traditional arts innovation
Yao Jianping, a deputy to the 14th NPC, brought forward suggestions for accelerating the innovative development of traditional handicrafts and supporting the high-quality development of the arts and crafts industry.
CPPCC member urges aid for struggling bookstores
A proposal to China's top political advisory body has urged support for the country's struggling physical bookstores, while a political advisor stressed their cultural significance.
Rescuing China's sci-fi history: Keeping memories alive
Yang Feng, founder of Chinese sci-fi brand Eight Light Minutes Culture, felt a sense of urgency to document China's science fiction in a book to keep memories of pioneers alive.
Imax China executives upbeat on China's record-breaking success
Imax China reported on Thursday full-year revenue of $73.3 million in Greater China in 2022, with top executives expressing high hopes for 2023.
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