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Cultural events of the week: April 12-18
Concerts by China's top symphony orchestras, "Einstein's Dreams" directed by leading theater director Meng Jinghui and a documentary spotlights Chinese survivors of the Titanic. Here are three events you won't want to miss this week.
Nighttime spectacle debuts at Shanghai Disneyland
Amid awe and cheers, Shanghai Disneyland launched a brand-new nighttime show, featuring Marvel characters and more, to celebrate its five-year anniversary.
Legendary translator sends message of hope to youngsters
Legendary Chinese literature translator Xu Yuanchong has encouraged China's younger generations to carry forward fine traditional Chinese culture and communicate it to the rest of the world.
Cultural events of the week: April 5-11
Two stage plays adapted from world-known novels, and a physics show in Mandarin: Here are three events you won't want to miss this week.
World's top 10 video game companies in 2020
China's Tencent has ranked second in a list of the world's top 10 video game companies by revenue in 2020, with $13.9 billion in sales.
Wang Yunfei: Chinese animators should try their best to retell traditional stories
A Chinese animator who recently adapted the classic Chinese fantasy novel "Journey to the West" has expressed how important it is for animators to try to retell traditional stories in a way that contributes to the Chinese filmmaking aesthetic.
Book house communicates Chinese culture to foreign experts
The first group of Foreign Expert's Book Houses in northwest China's Shaanxi province was inaugurated on Xi'an Jiaotong University's new campus on April 1, 2021.
Director plans film on Chinese diplomatic translator
Director Rao Xiaozhi is preparing a heavyweight film on a Chinese diplomatic translator who shouldered a mission to organize a team to evacuate Chinese citizens on the eve of a war, as revealed at an event on Monday.
Actress embroiled in 'anime waist' controversy
A post on the "anime waist" challenge became a trending topic on China's microblogging site Weibo, causing hot debates of whether it is just a yoga pose or an invisible shackle on women's appearance.
Modern-day 'Mogao Grottoes' hidden in Beijing airport
Scholars and experts are working hard to save documents, images and memories related to groundbreaking murals painted in 1979 at Beijing Capital International Airport.
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