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One character to rule them all
Meet the most complex character in written Chinese, made up of over 50 strokes… and whether or not you can write it, you will enjoy knowing (and eating) what it stands for.
She's just a cosmic girl
Award-winning photographer, Ye Ziyi, travels to some of the planet's most remote areas to capture stunning images of the cosmos.
Unforgettable Chinese proficiency competition in Fiji
Judges and audience are impressed by participants' well-prepared, fluent and emotional Chinese speeches.
Abstract beauty: Artist combines poems and paintings
Women have a natural connection to art. Though their images and work were buried in past eras of male-dominated history, they can reveal their talents in today's world.
Americans cash in on Chinese language skills
Olson, from Texas in the United States, began learning Chinese at age 18 at Bard College in New York City.
Chinese Kung Fu festival draws crowd in Nigeria
​Heavy rains did not deter huge crowds from gathering in Lagos, Nigeria's economic hub for the maiden edition of Chinese Kung Fu Festival on Saturday.
Documentary uncovers Macao's culinary melting pot
Chen Xiaoqing, the chief and director of the first two seasons of the food documentary "A Bite of China", is selecting free-range chickens in Beijing.
Documentaries add sparkle to country's film industry
​With the unexpected success of "Twenty Two," which topped the global documentary box-office charts in 2017, Chinese producers who make such films are on a roll.
Cambodian royal ballet dazzles in Beijing
With a giant LED screen presenting a panoramic view of the mysterious Angkor Wat and Cambodia's natural scenery, dancers from the Royal Ballet of Cambodia appeared onstage in Beijing on Saturday.
China's silent bakery
​Full of customers at breakfast, the bakery Luo Ya'nan works at is exceptionally quiet except for the clack of high heels and click of the cash register.
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