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Cirque du Soleil upgrades new digital platform
Cirque du Soleil on Wednesday unveiled its fall programming along with a brand-new look for its CirqueConnect content hub.
Epic TV series 'Glory and Dream' to celebrate CPC centennial
An ambitious TV series made to celebrate CPC centennial will hit China's households next year.
Aboriginal singer hopes to create understanding among peoples
An aboriginal singer, who gained three awards at the 31st Golden Melody Awards, is hoping people can better understand minority peoples.
Hard-working Zhang Yimou has more surprises in the bag
China's best-known director Zhang Yimou has three films ready to go and one film in the making, making him one of the most hard-working, efficient and prolific filmmakers in China.
Documentary on prominent Chinese poet
A documentary portraying (Florence) Yeh Chia-ying, one of China's most prominent sinologists and ancient poetry researchers, opened recently in Shanghai.
What's next for Chinese film market?
With Chinese films grossing $590 million during the eight-day National Day holiday, studios have announced a raft of new projects and release dates for several finished blockbusters.
Regong Thangka paintings debut at Beijing's 798 Art Zone
A large selection of Regong Thangka paintings are currently being exhibited at Beijing's 798 Art Zone, showing the enchanting Tibetan art and culture originating from the Yellow River region.
China's film market generates $581M during holiday
Chinese film market skyrocketed with theatrical releases generated a total of 3.95 billion yuan ($581 million) during the 8-day National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival holidays.
'Super cinema' is the future of the global film industry
A film executive is implementing his vision by advocating a global "super cinema" to boost survival chances and improve financial protections for filmmakers and cinemas.
National Day 2020 Movie Guide previews 8 upcoming films that look set to dominate movie theaters this National Day holiday.
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