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Chapter I. Political democracy and political parties
Chapter II. Reform and society
Chapter III. Religion, human rights, Tibet and Taiwan
Chapter IV. Diplomacy and national defense
Chapter V. Economic development and enterprises
Chapter VI. Opening up policy and foreign direct investment
Chapter VII. Finance, foreign exchange and insurance
Chapter VIII. Education, science, health and environment
Chapter IX. People's life
Chapter X. Agriculture, rural areas and farmers
The 11th Five-Year Plan
China Through a Lens
China Statistics
Province View
China's Political System
Ethnic Minorities in China
China's Religious Affairs
China Quick Facts
China's War on Poverty
Government White Papers

V-1 Question: In the Fifth Plenary Session of the 10th National People's Congress held in March 2007, Premier Wen Jiabao described China's determination to maintain "sound and rapid" economic growth rather than "rapid and sound" growth. What does this imply for the future direction of economic growth?
V-2 Question: In the years from 1978 to 2005, China's annual growth rate averaged a miraculous 9.6 percent. What are the driving forces for the growth? Can anyone predict how long such agrowth rate will last?
V-3 Question: Recently, a media blitz in the West has asserted that China has become a developed country, and should thus be treated as one. How does the Chinese Government see this? How far is China from a developed country? What is the gap between China and developed countries?
V-4 Question: In early 2006, China set a goal to build itself into an innovative country. How far is China from an innovative country? What is China's potential in becoming an innovative country? What are China's strategies?
V-5 Question: Goods with the label "made in China" are in shops all over the world. Hence China is nicknamed the "world's factory." What do you think of this label?
V-6 Question: To maintain fair competition, China is enacting and deliberating the Anti-Monopoly Law? Why does China make this law? What does this law cover?
V-7 Question: Recently, western media have been hyping that China poses a threat to world energy security, and blaming China for the global crude oil price hike. How viable is this claim? How will China meet its energy demand?
5-8 Question: It is reported that China is actively developing renewable energy and alternative energy sources, in light of the tightening global energy market. How have China's efforts worked out? What is China's goal
V-9 Quesiton: China is one of the few countries that have harnessed nuclear technology. Nuclear accidents in some countries have made people concerned with the safety of nuclear energy. What progresses has China made in the peaceful use of nuclear power, especially in electricity generation? What measures has China taken to ensure the safe use of nuclear energy?
V-10 Quetion: Qinghai-Tibet Railway runs on plateau in high altitude. Construction of such a railroad was very challenging. Some foreign experts thought it almost impossible to build such a railroad. How has China overcome those difficulties and successfully built this longest railroad running on plateau, which is also the highest railroad in the world?
V-11 Question: It has been reported that China plans to set up 30-50 internationally competitive conglomerates by the year 2010, through restructuring of state-owned enterprises. Why China decides to restructure its enterprises? What are the strategies and goals?
V-12 Question: According to foreign press, Wal-Mart, the largest retailer in the world, recently changed its previous position against setting up labor unions in its outlets in China. Does Wal-Mart do this because of pressure from labor unions and the media in China? What is the legal base for setting up labor unions in Wal-Mart?
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