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Chapter I. Political democracy and political parties
Chapter II. Reform and society
Chapter III. Religion, human rights, Tibet and Taiwan
Chapter IV. Diplomacy and national defense
Chapter V. Economic development and enterprises
Chapter VI. Opening up policy and foreign direct investment
Chapter VII. Finance, foreign exchange and insurance
Chapter VIII. Education, science, health and environment
Chapter IX. People's life
Chapter X. Agriculture, rural areas and farmers
The 11th Five-Year Plan
China Through a Lens
China Statistics
Province View
China's Political System
Ethnic Minorities in China
China's Religious Affairs
China Quick Facts
China's War on Poverty
Government White Papers

IV-1 Question: In 2005, Chinese President Hu Jintao proposed the concept of constructing a harmonious world at the plenary meeting of the United Nations. What does a harmonious world mean to China's diplomacy? What efforts will China make to construct a harmonious world?
IV-2 Question: Recently, some research institutions and media outlets in Western countries reported that China's increasingly political and diplomatic influence in and growing relations with African nations are out of consideration of oil resources there, and China is practicing neocolonialism in the African continent. Are these comments reasonable? What kind of benefit can African countries get from fostering relations with China?
IV-3 Question: There is a saying that when China adheres to its path of peaceful development, its development model is appealing to many developing countries. How does China view this comment? Does China intend to "export" its own development model?
IV-4 Question: According to some media reports, the efforts of "promoting economy through diplomatic means" is a prominent symbol of China's "new diplomacy." What is China's consideration in regard of the interaction between diplomacy and economy? What efforts will China make to achieve this goal?
IV-5 Question: As we know, China is declassifying its diplomatic documents group by group. How many diplomatic documents have currently been declassified? Which fields do they concern? Why can some not be declassified now? Can foreigners borrow the declassified documents for reading?
IV-6 Question: Recently, Chinese citizens overseas have been attacked or kidnapped more frequently. What is the reason for this? And what consular protection services are the Chinese Government taking to secure the safety of Chinese citizens abroad?
IV-7 Question: There have been reports in recent years saying that China is "strengthening its air force, purchasing warships and submarines, rapidly developing its military strength, and could become a regional military giant, which might threaten some countries." What's your comment on these reports? What is China's stance on establishing a modern national defense? Will this create a military threat to other countries?
IV-8 Question : China tested an anti-satellite missile in January 2007. Does this mean that China is ready to join the military competition in outer space? What is China's stance on this?
IV-9 Question: In June 2006 Amnesty International issued a report about China's weapons exports, accusing China of exporting weaponry to countries with civil strife and heightening the tense situation in those regions. Is this true? What are China's principles regarding weapons exports?
IV-10 Question: In recent years, China has cooperate with other countries in conducting joint military exercises, which often focused on non-traditional security areas. What are China's considerations on that?
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