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Chapter I. Political democracy and political parties
Chapter II. Reform and society
Chapter III. Religion, human rights, Tibet and Taiwan
Chapter IV. Diplomacy and national defense
Chapter V. Economic development and enterprises
Chapter VI. Opening up policy and foreign direct investment
Chapter VII. Finance, foreign exchange and insurance
Chapter VIII. Education, science, health and environment
Chapter IX. People's life
Chapter X. Agriculture, rural areas and farmers
The 11th Five-Year Plan
China Through a Lens
China Statistics
Province View
China's Political System
Ethnic Minorities in China
China's Religious Affairs
China Quick Facts
China's War on Poverty
Government White Papers

II-1 Question: As part of China's effort in political reform, the Chinese government is energetically pushing forward the reform of its administrative system. What is the basic goal of the reform? On which aspects have reform efforts been focused?
II-2 Question: In recent years, the mounting dissatisfaction toward the widening wealth gap has led many to question the current reforms in China. It is said that the Chinese Government is conducting reform of the income distribution system in order to solve the problem. What are the contents of this reform and who will benefit from it?
II-3 Question: Building a harmonious society has become a hot topic in China since 2006. Does that mean that Chinese society still has some inharmonious factors? What are the objectives for building a harmonious society?
II-4 Question: The frequent occurrence of typhoons, mine accidents, earthquakes and epidemics in China have posed enormous threats to the safety of people's life and property. Is there a crisis management mechanism available in China? What will China do to deal with public emergencies?
II-5 Question: A big problem in the contact with Chinese enterprises and individuals is the lack of a credit rating system to evaluate the credibility of a potential partner. How is China preparing to improve its social credit system?
II-6 Question: Notary system is an important legal system in countries all over the world. How is the development of China's notary system? What are the remaining deficiencies and how to reform and improve the system?
II-7 Question: China promulgated the Regulations on Reporting Activities in China by Foreign Journalists During the Beijing Olympic Games and the Preparatory Period in late 2006. Why were such regulations enacted? Does it mean China begins loosening restrictions on foreign media reporting?
II-8 Question: Some international organizations have accused China of conducting strict information censorship on the Internet and taking harsh steps to crack down on cyber-dissidents.” Are these accusations true? How will China manage online publishing?
II-9 Question: The rapid development of the Internet has spurred a rocketing increase of copyright violations, with a considerable proportion of the victims being foreigners. What will China do to protect copyrights online
II-10 Question: Issues related to intellectual property rights (IPR) have long been a concern of WTO members. What measures has China taken to protect the IPRs of registered trademarks over the last five years since its accession to the WTO? How does its trademark-related legal system work?
II-11 Question: Reports say that China's accelerated modernization has led to the quick vanishing of oral cultural heritage and traditional crafts. Is it true? How is China going to protect its intangible cultural heritage?
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